Team behind Black working on new FPS

icon_news1Codemasters’ Guildford facility has been hard at work on a new action first-person shooter for a while now. The studio is comprised of many former EA Criterion, Sony, and Blackrock employees, and the team behind the new shooter is being headed by Stuart Black, previously co-creator and designer of Black. The game will employ Codemasters’ proprietary EGO engine, which has powered games like Race Driver: Grid, DiRT & DiRT 2, and Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising in the past.

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The new IP, set to release on “leading console platforms”, has been in full production for a year now, so it shouldn’t be long before we see an announcement from Codies. The Guildford studio is a massive one, housing a 450-strong staff. While much of that workforce is focussed squarely on this new IP, the studio’s general focus will be on churning out original new IP across the action genre.

The studio is set to grow even further with positions opening up in key art and programming positions, along with senior positions in game and level design.

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