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Ubisoft announces Hyper Scape, a Cyberpunk themed Battle Royale game

Ubisoft has just announced Hyper Scape, a brand new free to play, Cyberpunk themed Battle Royale game for the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

The game has been in development for nearly two hours at Ubisoft Montreal and will feature 100 hundred players battling it out in a massive virtual city called Neo Arcadia. While your main goal in the game will still be to kill the 99 other players, Hyper Scape offers some unique gameplay elements like the ability to upgrade your weapons on the fly, or the way you’ll be able to bring teammates back from the dead.

Hyper Scape will first be available to PC users in the form of an open beta starting July 12, 2020. There is currently no date for the console release.

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