Titanfall sequel confirmed for PC, PS4, Xbox One

Titanfall is getting a sequel, and as expected, this one appears to be headed to the PlayStation 4 as well.


Respawn Entertainment’s debut brought a lot of fresh ideas to the multiplayer FPS genre, but it was only released on PC and Xbox One, with an Xbox 360 version being outsourced to a third party.

“So we’re working on a sequel,” Respawn CEO Vince Zampella told IGN. “No official name yet, but we’re working on that. That’s the main focus but we’re starting up a second team and doing some smaller stuff too. Small, exploratory, taking it slow! It’ll be multiplatform.”

Despite the innovation the game brought, it didn’t manage to keep players coming back for too long. Respawn will hope to change that with a wider audience for the sequel.

The studio’s COO Dusty Welch said that if there was one thing he’d like to change about the first game, it would be to make it multi-platform.

“It would have been prohibitive to do that – we definitely made the right choices for the right reasons – but if you’re saying what would we have liked to have done? The opportunity to be multiplatform could have made it even more significant for us.”

No official announcement or reveal for Titanfall 2 has yet been made. You can probably expect that at EA’s E3 press conference come June.

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