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Wild West Online will be entering Early Access soon, release still slated for this year

The imaginatively named Red Dead inspired western-MMO title, Wild West Online will ride into non-Steam Early Access on the 15 of November.

Wild West Online_horse stock

The game will be open to backers and early purchasers to test with up to 100 quests being available to chew through. The servers will be up round the clock and players will have the freedom to prospect for gold, hunt animals, engage in shootouts (with up to 20 historically-modelled guns available) and upgrade their gear and horses through whichever means they see fit in the harsh environs of the Wild West.

Apart from the PvE aspect, this Early-Access Alpha will also showcase PvP content in the form of combat and public events. The two events would be, Artifact Hunt and Golden Road. To be a part of this closed Alpha you will have to purchase the game from here. If you are on the fence about the game, check out the gameplay trailer released earlier this year linked below.

Even though the game is only entering sustained Alpha access now, the developer 612 Games has held fast to its guns that it will be able to ship the game later this year.

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