Winners: The Twisted Contest

Our recently concluded Twisted Metal contest was quite a revelation, raking in more entries than contests based on some of the more popular PS3 first-party exclusives. We held a lucky draw to arrive at the five winners, who each win a copy of the game. But before getting to the winners, here’s the correct answer to our contest question.

Q: Which of these Twisted Metal characters features a flaming head?

A: Sweet Tooth

And the five lucky IVG members are:

  • Pradipta Kumar Bhuyan – Parker
  • Stanley – DiehardD3solent
  • Anubhav Arya – anubhavarya
  • Dhruv Siwach – dhruv013
  • Anupam chawaria – darksmart

Congratulations to the winners and we thank all the IVG members for participating. Be on the lookout for our next contest very soon.

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