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  1. Thanks guys; but since it has been lying around for more than 8 months now; I am giving up any hope that I will buy anything meaningful (or meaningless). Still, let me know if anyone is interested in using it up.
  2. I have Amazon balance Rs.5850.20 lying unused since several months, and I don't foresee myself buying anything (was planning to buy a PS4 Pro, but I managed to get it from elsewhere) Please unicast me if you would like to use it - would prefer to communicate with someone whom I have already dealt with earlier OR with someone who has a good reputation around here. No hard feelings
  3. Guys, the TV discussions will be definitely useful to me as well as other members if you continue them in the right thread @
  4. My HDFC credit card is not working on the India Playstation Store. I have used this same card earlier for game purchases - an year ago. Anyone faced similar problems? Alternatively, I have an IDBI debit card - but I doubt it will work.
  5. finally the phone that I had purchased from FK for my cousin is delivered
  6. I am looking for a Mi pad cover/case; Anyone has any suggestions/deals?
  7. I missed that Rs.1740 raspberry !
  8. has raspberry for approx Rs.2875; flipkart has it for 3000+ Can anyone guide if one should pick up from amazon/flipkart or Edit: What about odroid?
  9. Thanks for the clarifications
  10. "Extra government charges may be applicable for your item(s) which needs to be paid on delivery. An official receipt will be provided." Noticed this message while purchasing on I didnt purchase, but what is this warning/rule? Anyone purchased anything from recently?
  11. Got the Teewee 2 and WD Elements 1 TB ... purchase was pending since a long time
  12. Am planning to get the Teewe 2 - anyone here used it? Hows your experience with it? The online reviews I have been reading, talk more about connectivity issues, and I am not sure if the Teewe 2 is good enough to play HD content, with 2.4GHz. Has anyone actually tried playing HD content with it? I am more interested in occasionally desktop mirroring, and showing some photos and videos from my mobile - on to the TV. May ask more questions, as I read more about it.
  13. Mi Band open sale today.
  14. this may be am searching for a good one too.
  15. happy new year to all