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  1. The freaking Lore is what I am more interested in after part 3.
  2. A good rule while Building PC is getting the best parts you can within your budget and also sometimes spending just a bit more to get something better.
  3. ^That is straight out of Anime.
  4. Whole season or just first half?
  5. Nope 970 doesn't cut it anymore. Even a 6700k will drops frames in cpu heavy games like some AC games. I use 6700k stock it does drop frames like some titles.
  6. Noice. BTW was his accent always like that?
  7. Cockerel is what you want to eat if Desi Chicken is not available. Different cities have different names and stuff.
  8. Best game of the decade = Witcher 3 Worst game of the decade = NFS The Run Biggest disappointment of the decade = MGS 5 TPP Game that changed gaming of the decade = The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild Game that you played the most = Witcher 3 and Destiny 2 Soundtrack of the decade = FIFA 16 Story of the decade = Witcher 3, The Last of Us, Mass Effect Trilogy and Call of Duty Modern Warfare trilogy. Game that you will continue to play during next decade = Destiny 2
  9. HEMAN

    Destiny 2

    How much is season pass via silver?
  10. Noice. Destiny 2 is also good. Lots of people here play it regularly.
  11. So you got BB? Finally... Which one? Congrats. Anything is better than 4g.
  12. Games keep rotating. Not all games are permanent. Only first party games are permanent.
  13. https://www.pcgamer.com/xbox-game-pass-didnt-stop-gears-5-from-outselling-gears-of-war-4/ They did not post actual numbers though.
  14. https://www.pcgamer.com/red-dead-redemption-2s-pc-port-still-has-big-problems/ Andy Kelly's been experiencing the same stuttering, which he's managed to allay only through the use of Battle Encoder Shirasé, a program that limits CPU usage for specific applications. After installing BES and following the instructions in this Reddit thread, Andy says the stuttering has completely disappeared, at least in the last 45 minutes of play. Jarred saw the same success with CPU limiting in DX12 on an i3-8100. If you're running an older CPU, it's definitely worth a shot. It doesn't take elite programming knowledge or extensive hardware know-how to surmise that something in Red Dead 2's code is juicing CPUs too hard, failing to distribute the processing workload across the cores, or doesn't have the right checks in place to properly limit processes according to whatever CPU is in use. I imagine it like giving a horse too many apples. A horse is going to keep eating apples if presented them, I know this. And the horse is going to feel energized by the apples and run at a smooth and efficient horse-frames per second, up until the moment its tummy reaches max apple capacity at which point the horse stops, or stutters, in order to vomit up some apples to make room for more apples. A CPU suddenly given too many chunky calculations might choke in a similar way, exhibited by intermittent hitching in-game. BES and CPU-limiting prevents RDR2 from pushing the CPU to the breaking point, forcing the game processes to chill before knocking your computer's brain on its a*s.
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