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  1. EA Sports UFC 2 - Coming in 2016

    Eagerly waiting.
  2. WWE 2K16

    Have u guys had prblms in getting trophies? There r many glitched trophies.
  3. Importing from amazon.de (germany)

    whats the 'buy as gift' thing? many ppl have said that If we select an Item as a gift we wont b charged for customs. is it true?
  4. Wrestling fans

    Has any Indian TV channnel taken broadcasting license for GFW?
  5. The Humble Bundle thread

    Havent got any gr8 deal like they gave BF3 once.
  6. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Has anyone bought UHD tv from Micromax??
  7. Wrestling fans

    True pipe bomber.. RIP
  8. Speed required to play online on ps4?

    I have geared that 3g gives very unoredictable pings. Smtyms it touches 500ms.
  9. Happy New Year 2015 !

    Happy new year to all gaming freaks.. Wish U all have a very good K/d ratios... get wins with huge margins in sports gaming... (y)