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  1. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Got an email from Playstation Store - 3 Months Netflix Included in a Years PS Plus Subscription.
  2. Streaming Services thread

    Haven't resubbed Netflix, but I just checked and it does state that to Restart Membership Monthly Price is: Basic $7.99 / Standard $10.99 / Premium $13.99. Basically showing me the rates in USD rather than INR. My Prime content is still showing the India catalog though :/ Correction: I just quickly checked on Amazon US Website, I can watch some of the Prime Originals....Fortitude/Hand of God / Tin Star / Mad Dogs / Sneaky Pete. Dont know if any of these are in Prime India Catalog.
  3. Streaming Services thread

    I see what you did there ! Had a chat with a CA and well my ISP is having some issue as my IP is showing up as US. Have the same issue with Hotstar too. So need to sort it with them. Had a Steve Carell level meltdown when I couldnt find the show
  4. Streaming Services thread

    Damn.....dont know why it isnt showing up for me. Did the whole re-sign in and clear clache. Will have a chat with the support and figure it out
  5. Streaming Services thread

    Has Amazon taken The Office off Prime ? I am unable to find it, was in the middle of watching it too
  6. The Football Thread

    The Carroll, Crouch & Co rumours are typical British Press BS ! Got a good amount of clicks and laughs. Overall I will say, Giroud signing is a win win for both the Gooners and us. In Auba they get a player who suits their system and in Giroud we get one who suits ours. Plus, it just confirms the fact that Conte will be off in the summer.
  7. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Damn, I got it about 10 months ago so thats going to be a pain now .
  8. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    So my PS4 controller has the L3 Button issue i.e. sprinting doesnt work. My console is still under warranty, will I get a controller replacement ?
  9. PS4 as Cabin Luggage?

    Thanks for the quick reply .....cool, will ask him to do that.
  10. PS4 as Cabin Luggage?

    Guys need a slight off-topic info regarding bringing a laptop down from the US. My friend is visiting home next week and have asked him to carry a laptop for me. Unfortunately, he also has to take his work laptop with him. So, is it okay / allowed for him to carry two laptops on him? Or will that be an issue with Customs ? He was planning on stating that both the laptops are his work laptops and he has to carry them. Before buying, I just wanted to make sure this reason will work !
  11. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Is Friends there on Netflix ? Feel like re-watching the show and its not there on Prime / Hotstar.
  12. Movie Discussion Thread

    Anyone managed to watch Wonder ? A lot of good reviews.
  13. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Any leaks on the PS Plus games for December ?
  14. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Thanks guys. Never played a Souls game before. Will go for Witcher as I have been wanting to play an RPG....havent played one since Skyrim.
  15. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Guys between Witcher 3 GOTY and Bloodborne GOTY, which one should I get ? Can only afford one atm :/