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  1. Is that digital or the one via Gametheshop ?
  2. Thanks hope. So basically there isnt any exclusive content which the Deluxe Edition has. Will get the physical copy.
  3. Is the Deluxe Edition digital only ? Cant seem to find it on Amazon/Flipkart/Gametheshop.
  4. Nope. I went for IMAX 2D and there were scenes with certain dialogues cut out and also few objects poorly blurred out. To recollect properly, maybe 3/4 scenes most of which take place in a pharmacy.
  5. Just got back from watching IT. One of the best horror movies I have watched in recent times. 2 hours 30 mins and all throughout the story kept me on the edge of my seat. Proper gripping and heart clenching stuff. Loved it. To come clean, never have I ever yelled at a jump scare in a theater, but there is one particular scene in the movie where I am sure majority of the theater had their popcorn flying !
  6. CPU. Getting the 8th Gen i7 Dell XPS 13. Releases on the 12th September in the US.
  7. Thanks a lot for the reply Alpha ! Dont need a gaming laptop per say. Just need a laptop which can crunch my visual computations well. Hence was looking at options with dedicated GPUs. Given up on this as I shall be soon upgrading my desktop, so not a factor anymore. My budget is around the $1500 mark. Was considering Apple only for the peace of mind. Luckily my Samsung gave me zero issues over its lifespan. Never owned a Mac before and the 15.4 with $500 off seemed like a good deal ($1899) with a Radeon pro 450. But still, its 6th Gen i7 and with the 8th Gens releasing, plonking 1900 Dollars doesnt feel like the right move to me :/ Hence, massively confused. PS: Just read that Dell is launching the 8th Gen XPS's.
  8. I want to go for a 15" laptop. The XPS 15 is around $1800 including international warranty. Just to take a vote, between 2016 15.4" Macbook Pro: and 2017 HP Spectre x360 with 8th Gen i7 8550 Which seems like a better option ? The HP Omen seems like the best bang for the buck, but gaming laptop, so will definitely be quite heavy to lug around.
  9. Yikes, that definitely sounds like a nightmare. No wonder most of the UHD config laptops had negative reviews of screen failures on BestBuy. Hence thought a FHD screen was a safe bet, but anyways, will avoid Lenovo completely. Next on my list is HP, unfortunately they too have the same policy, model unavailable in the region = No warranty in the region. I used to own an HP laptop a while back and it constantly had motherboard issues hence I was avoiding HP. My friends too have had numerous issues with their respective HP laptops. Guess will have to stick to Dell or Apple to avoid all this warranty hassle.
  10. How reliable are Lenovo laptops in general ? My friend is flying in from good ol Murica, planning to get a Yoga 720 15" from him. Unfortunately, I checked with Lenovo US and they said that if the model isnt available in the local country, the warranty isnt valid i.e. will have to send it back to the US to get it repaired. The Macbook is a tad bit over my budget and hence thinking of getting the 720. Used a Samsung for the past 6 years, zero issues so far. If anyone has owned or is owning Lenovo, just thought would check if they are reliable ?
  11. Thanks for the reply Athek. Will do that. Also, does anyone own an Asus laptop here ? Wanted to know if they are reliable with their service and warranty. None of my friends or acquaintances own one. Just thought would check about this before I go ahead and buy one.
  12. Guys any recommendations on Ultrabooks ? I am really keen on buying this - Asus Zenbook UX330UA However, only one seller is selling these Zenbooks on both Flipkart / Amazon named Scion and his ratings and reviews are quite appalling. Hence a bit skeptical. My budget is max 85k.
  13. Precisely ! A lot of hype about the show and hence thought I would check here if anyone has watched it. Hmmmmm. On that note, will give it a skip then.