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  1. Thanks AtheK. Appreciate your help Getting the 7T Pro.
  2. Thanks for the reply Athek, actually I am considering the McLaren Edition as well. Btw how does the battery hold up ? Also how is the wide angle cam ?
  3. Dropped my Pixel 2XL and the screen has completely cracked. Official quote I got is 14k, for an aftermarket screen about 9.5k. So thinking of retiring this to the drawer and getting a new phone. Thinking of getting the OnePlus 7T Pro with the HDFC Offer. Is there any phone in the 50k budget ? Was considering Pixel 3a, but a friend suggested against it.
  4. Ah okay. Thanks for the heads up, will surely check on it before switching.
  5. Planning on switching to Airtel Broadband. Will be taking the 300mbps plan. Can anyone tell me what's the post FUP speed ?
  6. Woahh...wasnt aware of this...thanks for posting about it. Was planning on going to watch it tomorrow...guess will have to skip it.
  7. Oh don't you worry.....it gets even better......
  8. Khedira has been woeful ! But Draxler and Ozil have been just awfully slow and sluggish !
  9. VelivolusDas, AtheK, kunjanp.....Thanks for the detailed replies guys. Appreciate the help! For some reason I completely skipped over the lack of headphone jack on the Pixel as all I was focusing on was the camera performance. Having had an absolutely painful experience with LG G5, and having read how wonndeful B2X is, dont wish to go another issue filled experience. Guess I will go for the S9+ Thanks for the help !
  10. Guys need help deciding between the Pixel 2 XL and S9+ Had almost decided to go for the Pixel 2 XL, but a friend of mine who owned one, told me that his phone had a series of hardware issues especially the screen. Not to mention B2X the service partner was a pain to deal with. Guessing that his might be a one of case, anyone else had any hardware issues with their Pixel phone ?
  11. 95% of the planet certainly hope so !!!!
  12. Haven't resubbed Netflix, but I just checked and it does state that to Restart Membership Monthly Price is: Basic $7.99 / Standard $10.99 / Premium $13.99. Basically showing me the rates in USD rather than INR. My Prime content is still showing the India catalog though :/ Correction: I just quickly checked on Amazon US Website, I can watch some of the Prime Originals....Fortitude/Hand of God / Tin Star / Mad Dogs / Sneaky Pete. Dont know if any of these are in Prime India Catalog.
  13. I see what you did there ! Had a chat with a CA and well my ISP is having some issue as my IP is showing up as US. Have the same issue with Hotstar too. So need to sort it with them. Had a Steve Carell level meltdown when I couldnt find the show
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