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  1. Yakuza 6

    anybody aware of the performance on ps4 pro. I was planning on getting both 0 and 6 for 4k from digital store. I am new to the series so would like to know if its a good idea to get the combo or not
  2. Yakuza 6

    Where is it available for that price. I couldn't find it anywhere
  3. Ni-OH

    2-3 more new regions after that I believe. I have the same issue as you though I am much ahead of you as far as game completion goes(lvl 100). As awesome as the combat is, I am getting bored of killing the same enemies again and again. More so if you also complete the side mission like me. I didn't grind and I am completing missions of much higher level (lvl 116)and I believe I will be able to complete the game without too much difficulty
  4. Ni-OH

    I used high stance spear attack. Helps you maintain distance if he attacks again after finishing one . And the swing movement usually hits him since he rolls or dashes sideways after finishing an attack
  5. Package stuck in customs

    games lol.. bruh over govt thinks even refrigerators are a luxury .. hence the 28% gst
  6. Package stuck in customs

    y are u surprised.. that is the policy in India
  7. Persona 5

    Finished the game today. Really enjoyed it and no BS endings. Didn't have to grind even once to complete the game. Wasn't able to max out all the confidants though
  8. Persona 5

    You can access more of memento as you progress in the story. You will reach a dead end every time, which means you don't have anything else left to explore.
  9. Persona 5

    1 thing I would suggest is when you are in the velvet room take a note of all the personas you can get by merging different ones. I check out their strength and weaknesses because you face them sooner or later. Having the knowledge beforehand of thr weakness saves a lot of SP
  10. Persona 5

    Confidants will boost the XP and spells you can select when you merge personas.
  11. LawBreakers

    The game does have SEA servers. So ping will not be an issue for Indian gamers
  12. Prey

    Try to go around them in the beginning. Phantoms will 1 shot you. Also there will be some hidden areas through which you can get some of the weapons earlier.
  13. Far Cry 5

    One year break will only get you so much .. Same case with origin. just a revamped inventory and some elements brought in from FC series XD
  14. Nier Automata

    are you even aware of how low the value of our currency is . If you check steam db we have got one of the lowest prices attached with the game(lower than Russia and Chinese). How long are you planning to buy games for 500-1000 bucks
  15. Overwatch (Blizzard)

    iron clad has been nerfed to 20%. patch is already live