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  1. UFC (MMA) Thread

    I am rooting for khabib. Not that he is undefeated but because he has a grinding way to defeat any fighter. He doesn't have one punch knockout but he will grind you against the cage or will take you down and dominate you. So just love his fighting style. But this is the ufc, anything can happen. You just never know. On that day anybody can win. Sent from my ONEPLUS A3003 using Tapatalk
  2. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    Battlefield 1 is for f***ing ₹5200/- on Amazon preorder!![emoji35] R u kidding me? Who will buy such a costly game? Apart from the Ambanis of course[emoji48]
  3. Jokes and Funny Stuff Thread

    Whoever has coined that name has surely never seen nor heard of memes where the word "FAP"is so frequently used.
  4. Jokes and Funny Stuff Thread

    Apparently it's a newly created resident's welfare association near my house in Panchkula. When you see it!! [emoji48] No wonder the board is all white now![emoji14]
  5. Movie Discussion Thread

    Wtf did I just see??!!
  6. How many of you do own a hot toy 1/16 figurine? I mean they cost around ₹ 30k each($450). That's a huge amount. If you do own them then where do you buy it from? From aliexpress?
  7. Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    [emoji23] Brilliantly and Succinctly put across!
  8. Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Comparing the number of posts with God of war 4 forum, there is a feeling there are not many crash bandicoot fans here. Only 2 replies to the topic.
  9. Game of Thrones Spoiler Discussion Thread

    Yeah! Exactly.. What a badass she is!
  10. Doom

    4000 for Doom.. God why I am not rich!!
  11. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Haven't seen hellraiser but yes u r right the chatterer really looks like he/she/it.
  12. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Am I the only one who found similarities between the Ash vs Evil dead monster and the Demon in Doom 3.? I am talking about the face only. Plagiarism?? [emoji12]
  13. Movie Discussion Thread

    Easy there gorypanda!! No offence to u but we are here to discuss about movies , Not ridiculing others. I agree it is your view but please respect the views of others also. The word "intolerance" comes to my mind!! [emoji23]
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    I should have mentioned that the all the lead characters are not blacks. Thanks for pointing out the mistake buddy.