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  1. Well for me the pro enabled titles were causing the console to draw more power than normal games. It exceeded 600va's limit and it was getting overloaded so it was shutting down. I bought a 1100va and it's alright now. Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  2. buddy 600va is supposed to handle ps4 slim just fine. how old is the UPS? the battery starts to decay after 1-2 years of usage. I picked up a APC 1100va and now it's handling ps4 pro+laptop+monitor and few other stuff just fine. if your UPS is very old, then battery might be the issue. else if you want to upgrade ups then you can look for 800 or 1100va. and yeah, power fluctuations do kill ps4/hdd.
  3. I just dropped my console. Looks like they are not allowed to repair or open the console anymore. 10 says estimate to give a new sealed console Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  4. damnnnn 2 weeks? this is depressing. i heard sony replaces the consoles within 1-2 days globally. no questions asked.they are not supposed to repair the console either but then again Sony india is just weird. Thanks a lot though, i'll visit there tomorrow.
  5. Guys any experience with ps4's warranty claim? I had a few questions 1) does sony India repair or replace the console 2) what is the usual wait time for whole process. My ps4 pro won't take in disc Sent from my GT-N7100 using Tapatalk
  6. sorry for reviving thread. I got a APC 600va and PS4 pro. whenever there is powercut while playing Pro enabled titles only, ps4 is shutting down instantly. it stays on in other games like bloodborne. it's a 2 year old UPS so the battery health might not be 100%. Should i go for BX1100C-IN ? edit: there is nothing else attached to the ups, just ps4.
  7. All of my friends who have 3DS got theirs from Palika Bazaar, delhi. You should try there.
  8. PC physical copy released today, Gamestheshop shipped mine few hours ago. if you still want it then get it
  9. I bought from gamingmonk and they just texted saying pc copy is not releasing in India at all. i contacted them and they said "The news right now is that it is not releasing at all.". Don't tell me i waited so long just to end up having to buy a digital copy. am so freaking heartbroken right now
  10. PS4 and XB1 copies seem to be in stock on GTS. Only pc copy is pushed to 10th.
  11. Friend's pc copy was already handed over to fedex by a ebay seller on 28th,he provided tracking id aswell but status shows Scheduled delivery Mon 02/05/2016 by 20:00. either way, if there is any delay again then am cancelling my order.
  12. I think 3rd may is final release date for India. A friend bought pc copy from ebay and seller gave the copy to fedex but delivery is scheduled for 2nd may.It makes no sense though,if the copies have already arrived, why delay the release?
  13. 3rd may mostly.
  14. am getting a lot of fps issues, fps drops from 50 to 20 in initial area and sometimes near bonfires.there are a lot of posts on reddit and i think there will be few performance fix patches incoming soon.
  15. god bless steam family sharing. now i can peacefully wait for physical copy.