Blur: Gaming heaven in Chennai

What do you get when you put six Wiis, seven Playstation 3s, ten Xbox 360s, a bunch of PCs running 8800 GTs and a massive selection of arcade games in one place? Gaming heaven! But not satisfied with that, the guys behind Blur went one step further and threw in the most comfy-looking recliners, a café, and a bowling alley to make sure you’ll never want to go back home.

Blur is a massive gaming lounge spread out over 15,000 square feet at the Sathyam Complex in Chennai. Only recently launched, everything a gamer could ever want is here; they even have PS2s, PSPs and Nintendo DSs.

And unlike some other game lounges in the country that will make you consider buying a PS3 rather than paying for an hour there, Blur is surprisingly affordable; Rs 60 for an hour of PC or console gaming, Rs 300 for unlimited gaming on a weekday and Rs 400 for weekends. They even have a monthly package.

There’s nothing much I can really say about Blur; the pictures speak for themselves. But if you do want to read more about Chennai’s new gaming haven, head over to the TechSutra blog for rates and more detailed info on Blur (and a big thanks to Manu for the heads up).


Click here for more photos courtesy Harish Anand of Influx Interactive.

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15 Responses to “Blur: Gaming heaven in Chennai”

  1. satanicsaint says:

    I hope these guys get a good return on their investment , for the betterment of the gaming scene in India.

    Now, if only someone could tackle the Indian mentality towards gaming……

  2. Avishkar says:

    This is absolutely amazing. Really hats off to these guys for doing all this.

  3. hariharan says:

    Cant wait! when it is available ? I really wanna play COD 4 against my city fellas…

  4. Arjun says:

    omg!! tht looks amazing srsly!! i really hope it runs well and they maintain it this way

    and btw, wen has bby stopped being the first priority?! :D

  5. Deepak T says:

    It is open. I went there to check it out & it looked really good. Waiting for the exams to get over so that I could spend a day there with my friends.

  6. rocky says:

    i may sound dumb here but i think more crowd is about to change their hangouts from cafetrias (Barista, cafecoffeday etc) to places like this now..
    its realy amazing cant wait to see it here in my city.

  7. vatsmanish says:

    omg!! tht looks amazing srsly!! this is my idea

  8. Yo says:

    Dahm, even Mumbai doesn’t have a place like this.

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  10. Ryuk_JASON says:

    I love this man

    east or west yo chennai is da best

  11. Kenny says:

    well how many of u visited the place? i went to the CoD4 tournament on 25th Dec.. i was stunned by the organisers, how noobish they organised The tournament.. they said players shouldn’t camp rofl.. they are spoiling the gameplay for their own likes and dislikes.. they don’t even know camping is a gaming style (even though i dnt like it personally)..

  12. Rajkumar Chennai says:

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  13. Siddharth says:

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    We are from HYD.

    Call me up for further Details if any.

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  14. manoj says:

    hi cool but now they have increased the price to Rs.80 per hr hmmm

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