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IVG Podcast 61: 15 years of Xbox 360, 14 years of IVG, and more

This week on the IVG Podcast, we take a trip down memory lane to when it all began. We celebrate 15 years of Xbox 360 and how it ushered the launch of the Xbox brand in India, while also become a catalyst for the formation of IVG.

Xbox 360

That and a whole lot more is in store in this nostalgia-filled episode of the IVG Podcast. Here’s a list of some of the topics we’ve covered this time around:

  • 15 years ago: We look back at the Xbox 360 launch in India
  • The birth of IVG as an Xbox forum
  • Revisiting classic Xbox games through backwards compatibility
  • We’re divided on Bioware games: Dragon Age, Mass Effect and Jade Empire
  • Our thoughts on the Golden Joystick Awards winners
  • Why is COD Cold War getting hate?
  • Give Dirt 5 a shot

Have a listen and let us know what you think on the forums. Feel free to also ask us questions or suggest topics for us and we’ll be sure to cover them in future episodes.

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