Crazy Hitman: Absolution deal on Steam this weekend

As part of their Weekend Deal, Steam’s selling Hitman: Absolution for just $9.99 (Rs. 542) till April 1st, 2013. For those who aren’t very good at math, that’s Rs. 457 cheaper than the Indian MRP. However, buying the game on Steam means you have to download it, and that amounts to a whopping 23 GB.


If you’re handicapped by rubbish bandwidth (like most of us), you can always buy the game from Flipkart for Rs. 749.

Published by Avinash Bali

Avinash Bali is one of India’s most experienced video game journalists. He enjoys catapulting birds across touchscreens just as much as shooting people in the face on the battlefield. He’s 6-feet-4-inches tall and purpose built for a phenomenally high kill-death ratio. His skills with keyboard and mouse are outdone only by his ability to quote video game prices in Hindi. After several years as the gaming editor at, Nash now heads IVG’s immensely talented editorial team. He is, however, yet to fulfil his childhood dream of working in PR.

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