IGX: India’s first games expo is coming this year

India is getting its first consumer games expo this year. It’s called IGX, or Indian Games Expo, and it’s not far away. And we’re thrilled that IVG is the event’s official community partner


Scheduled to be held in the beginning of November in Mumbai, IGX promises to have all gaming platforms – PC, console and mobile – under one roof for everyone to get their hands on.

IGX will give visitors access to the latest games and gaming hardware, plus a chance to win prizes and take home freebies.

The list of exhibitors, exact event dates and venue are yet to be revealed, but these details should be trickling out over the coming days.

The IGX community on IVG

With IVG being the official community partner for IGX, you can expect a few unique IGX-related initiatives here on IVG.

First, we’ll be creating a dedicated IGX section on our forums, where gamers can discuss all things IGX, from the event itself to the games and exhibitors that will be there, to making plans for attending the event. The IGX staff will also be on-hand to answer any queries the community may have.

Second, we’ll be partnering with several of IGX’s exhibitors and sponsors to hold contests and giveaways on IVG over the coming weeks. There’s a lot of cool stuff on the way.

Finally, we’ll of course bring you all the latest news related to IGX right here. You can also get IGX updates first-hand by following its official Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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