Transformers: Fall of Cybertron demo out now

Activision has  just released a demo of High Moon Studios’ latest Transformers game titled Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. The demo, which consists of both single and multiplayer elements, is available on Xbox Live and PSN. Sorry PC folk, no love for you once again.

For the single player part, players can check out the first mission of the game, while multiplayer offers Team Deathmatch, Conquest and character customisation.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron will be out on 21st August for Xbox 360 and PS3. The PC version, which is being worked on by Mercenary Technology (who?), will mostly be released in digital form only on Steam by the same date.

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  • Mohamad Suhaib

    But I saw the boxed PC version in the “coming soon” category on may be its not just digital.

  • Avinash Bali

    Hmmm maybe the digital only part is for America. How much was the game for on FK?

  • Sameer Desai

    I did speak with the game’s distributor and they said they aren’t bringing the PC version to India. So either Flipkart is just assuming that it will come or they’re importing it themselves.

  • Mohamad Suhaib

    They had not mentioned the price.But maybe it will be very costly if they import it.

  • Sameer Desai

    I confirmed it with the distributor today. They’re not releasing the PC version in India, at least at launch.

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