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  • Xbox Live Arcade House Party schedule revealed 25th January 2012

    Alan Wake's American Nightmare and I Am Alive are part of the new XBL promotion.Read More

  • Limbo coming to PSN 8th July 2011

    The game will be available for PSN on July 20th.Read More

  • Review: Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 12th February 2011

    A sequel to the sublime remake of the classic side-scroller.Read More

  • Review: Ilomilo 31st January 2011

    Ilo and Milo quench your puzzling desires.Read More

  • Review: Raskulls 24th January 2011

    Halfbrick Games' latest XBLA effort is full of laughs.Read More

  • Review: Super Meat Boy 6th December 2010

    Brutal. Punishing. Brilliant.Read More

  • Review: Need for Speed: Shift 30th September 2009

    Mario Andretti famously said, “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough”. Few racing games have managed to nail that sensation of being on the edge of control at top speed the way Need for Speed: Shift does. Sure, this has more to do with visual effects and camera animations than the […]Read More

  • Review: Shadow Complex 28th August 2009

    As I start writing this I am still trying to figure out which part of my brain Shadow Complex appealed so much to. Different games tickle different parts of you, something like Halo caresses the part of you that wants to get some mindless killing done. Whereas something like Braid shows some much needed love […]Read More

  • Developer interview: Need for Speed Shift 14th August 2009

    2009 is a very important year for the Need for Speed franchise; one that sees the series branch out into three racing disciplines – arcade, action and simulation. Probably the most intriguing of the three is Need for Speed: Shift, the series’ return to authentic professional racing. We had the opportunity to talk to Jesse […]Read More

  • Things finally looking up for Need for Speed 14th August 2009

    EA knows that it has a strong product in Need for Speed: Shift; one that might just turn the struggling franchise around. We may agree or disagree once we play it, but the publisher’s confidence in the game is there for all to see. It’s the kind of confidence we haven’t seen in a Need […]Read More

  • Braid coming to PS3 1st August 2009

    IGN has just confirmed reports on a German games rating website USK that popular indie puzzle platformer Braid will indeed be coming to the PlayStation Network and will be published by Hothead Games, who also published the Mac version of the game. [singlepic id=1244 float=center]Read More

  • Xbox 360 Elite, Forza 3 CE, and more coming to India 10th July 2009

    If you thought that Microsoft had disappeared from the scene following the launch of the Xbox 360 Arcade console, well…they did, but there’s no need to worry. They still have a lot planned for India this year, and I, along with Krishnan from The Angry Pixel, had the opportunity to speak with Jaspreet Bindra and […]Read More

  • Serious Sam HD coming to XBLA and PC this summer 26th June 2009

    Serious Sam, the much famed classic shooter franchise is back in glorious HD much to the delight of fans. Majesco Europe has announced that a Serious Sam : The First Encounter remake titled Serious Sam HD will be coming to PC and Xbox LIVE Arcade on Xbox 360 later this summer. Developed by Croteam and […]Read More

  • Coverage: Xbox 360 Arcade console launch 8th April 2009

    I am late! That’s the first thing that pops into my head as soon as I wake up. It’s 11:30 and I am supposed to attend the Xbox 360 Arcade launch event at 12:00. I take a quick shower, skip breakfast and I am good to go. As I get there it’s already 12:10 and […]Read More

  • Invite: Xbox 360 Arcade online media briefing 7th April 2009

    Here’s your chance to have all your questions regarding the Xbox 360 answered by Xbox Country Manager Jaspreet Bindra himself. Microsoft will hold an online media briefing to announce the launch of the Xbox 360 Arcade console on Wednesday, April 8. Attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions via a text chat interface, and […]Read More

  • GOTY Winners: Best Racing Game 9th February 2009

    Burnout Paradise rubbed many Burnout fans the wrong way when it was released early in 2008. The event list format was ditched for a free roam open world environment. There was no crash mode, no race restart option, and the navigation system was bizarre to say the least. But those who stuck with it soon […]Read More

  • Blur: Gaming heaven in Chennai 12th November 2008

    What do you get when you put six Wiis, seven Playstation 3s, ten Xbox 360s, a bunch of PCs running 8800 GTs and a massive selection of arcade games in one place? Gaming heaven! But not satisfied with that, the guys behind Blur went one step further and threw in the most comfy-looking recliners, a […]Read More