GOTY Winners: Best Racing Game

Burnout Paradise rubbed many Burnout fans the wrong way when it was released early in 2008. The event list format was ditched for a free roam open world environment. There was no crash mode, no race restart option, and the navigation system was bizarre to say the least. But those who stuck with it soon realised the potential that the game held. Fantastic and seemless online integration, unmatched post release support from the developer, and the ability to use roadside barriers to remodel your vehicle in a manner that would give a car designer nightmares – these are only some of the things that not only made Burnout Paradise a lot of fun, but kept crash junkies coming back to it again and again. If we had a category for the game with highest replay value, Burnout Paradise would win that too. But as it stands, it is IVG’s Best Racing Game of 2008, and deservedly so.


hammerhead wins:
Burnout Paradise (PS3) – courtesy EA
Midnight Club Los Angeles (Xbox 360) – courtesy E-Xpress Interactive
Pure (PC) – courtesy Excel Interactive

Other nominees in this category were:
Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
Midnight Club: Los Angeles
MotorStorm: Pacific Rift
Race Driver: GRID
WipEout HD

IndianVideoGamer Staff pick:
Burnout Paradise

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