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  • Review: ROTO 15th May 2014

    ROTO will win you over with its simplicity and the level of polish in its execution. Go download it already!Read More

  • Lucid Labs’ ROTO is out now, and it’s pretty good 7th May 2014

    ROTO is a minimalist puzzle-platformer for Android developed by Indian developer Lucid Labs. It's out now, it's free, and it's well worth a try.Read More

  • Huebrix (iPhone, iPad, Android) Announcement Trailer 19th July 2012

    It's only Huebrix if you fail.Read More

  • Review: PixelJunk Shooter 12th January 2010

    PixelJunk games have spanned across genres and the reason they are held in such high regard is the one constant – originality. And PixelJunk Shooter is no different. Playing through this game is a refreshing experience and even though it’s only 5-6 hours long, it is well worth its asking price. In fact, it’s well worth twice that. And my detective skills suggest that expansions are on the way as well. If you’ve played and loved past PixelJunk games, you know what I’ve been going on about. But if you haven’t, don’t let the simplistic 2D visuals fool you; this is one of the best games to have come out in 2009.Read More