Dynetzzle Extended: Mind-bending puzzle game from Kerala developer is out now

You’ll never look at dice the same way once you’ve played Dynetzzle Extended, a fiendish puzzle game from Kerala-based developer Vishnu Vadakke Pariyarath, which is available now for PC.


Did you know that the opposite sides of a die will always add to seven? That little fact forms the basis for Dynetzzle’s puzzles.

The game flattens out the die – often multiple dice – and tasks you with figuring out which number should appear on which side. While there’s math involved, more than that, it’s about figuring out how these flattened out dice fold to form the familiar cube.

As I found in my brief time with the game, that’s easier said than done. This is not an easy game.


Dynetzzle is unlike anything you’ve played before, and while it was available for free via Kongregate earlier, Dynetzzle Extended features more well-designed puzzles and cleaner, slicker presentation.

The game features 25 puzzles in all, and while that may not sound like a lot, you will take quite a while to go through all of them.

Dynetzzle Extended is available for PC via Humble Bundle, which means you can pay whatever you want for it as long as it exceeds the $1 minimum. I’d urge you to pay a bit more to support the developer.

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