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IVG Offer: Ashes Cricket 2009

icon_offerE-xpress have finally confirmed the pricing for Ashes Cricket 2009, due for release on August 7, and so here is our IVG Offer preorder for it. Now we had mentioned on the forums a while back that for various reasons, we wouldn’t be able to offer discounts on certain game preorders, and this is the first of those. But this offer is for a special cause. Read on.

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We’re also unable to provide a freebie for this offer. We initially planned to give away a cricket ball with the game logo on it. When that didn’t work out, we thought to give away small 15-inch replica bats with the game’s branding. But getting those made and ready in time for the game’s release just couldn’t be worked out and we didn’t want the game to be held back because of the freebie. Then the whole size and packaging of it came into the equation, and we finally decided to scrap the idea.

But here’s what we can do. IVG members will know about the community’s efforts to help out Karthik, whose is in need of funds for his mother’s medical treatment. So we spoke to E-xpress about it, and although everyone who will preorder from IVG will be required to pay full price for the game, 10% of that price from each game sold will be passed on to Karthik. We’ll throw in a poster as well, but we’re not calling that a freebie, because honestly, who wants their bedroom walls to adorn a poster with Pietersen or Ponting on it.

Unfortunately, as much as we would have liked, we cannot include the PC version of the game in the preorder. Since the PC version of the game will be manufactured and packed in India, and approvals are needed from the publisher every step of the day, there’s a chance that the PC version may not release along with its console counterparts, which are directly imported. Those who preordered Fuel (also a Codemasters game) for the PC from our IVG Offer will know all about these delays.

So as it stands, the Ashes Cricket 2009 IVG Offer is only for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, and there’s no discount, and no freebie. But it’s for a good cause, and hopefully, a good game. Here are the details:

Title: Ashes Cricket 2009
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Release date: August 7
Retail price: Rs 1,999
Offer price: Rs 1,999
You save: Nothing
Shipping (India only): Free

Last date for confirmation: August 2
Last date for payment: August 5

For information on how to place your order and other details, head over to the Ashes Cricket 2009 IVG Offer thread at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums.

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