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Call of Duty Mobile tips for beginners

If this is your first Call of Duty rodeo, here are a few tips to help you gain an edge on the battlefield.

The Call of Duty franchise turns sixteen this year, and besides the reboot to Modern Warfare, 2019 also marks Call of Duty’s serious foray onto the mobile platform. As of today, the mobile shooter is primarily being dominated by another free to play shooter – PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) and Call of Duty is definitely a worthwhile contender. On the surface, Call of Duty Mobile is a fairly simple game, but if this is your first rodeo, here are a few tips to help you gain an edge on the battlefield.

Taking control:
Call of Duty offers multiple control schemes, so we suggest you try all of them out to see which one suits you best. The basic scheme auto-fires your weapon as you move the crosshair over an enemy. This is a great way to get a feel of the weapons – and the game, before you move onto the advanced control scheme – that much like Call of Duty’s console versions, requires you to aim and fire. This is a bit tougher to get used to, but on the plus side, you can land accurate shots, and can keep a check on ammunition. Some users have had great success with gyro controls, while some have downloaded an emulator to be able to play the game on their PC with a mouse and keyboard.

Keep moving:
Call of Duty Mobile, much like its console brethren is a very fast-paced shooter. This requires players to constantly move and learn the lay of the land very fast. Call of Duty veterans will find all of COD Mobile’s maps familiar as these include older Call of Duty maps, but newcomers will have to learn how to flank, and outsmart the enemies so they don’t get gunned down from the back. Playing slow and methodical may help you in the game’s Battle Royale mode, but not in the more fast paced modes like Team DeathMatch, Domination and Frontlines. COD mobile even has a Crouch key that can help you… well crouch, or slide provided you have enough momentum. Use this to your advantage.

Exploration is key:
Much like the console games, Call of Duty: Mobile ships with Loadouts and Killstreaks. Loadouts allow you to choose your primary and secondary weapon along with Perks like the ability to move faster or reload quicker, while Killstreaks grant you Power Ups of sorts. Kill three or more enemies without dying and you’ll be able to call in a UAV that throws up enemies on your mini-map. The longer you stay alive while killing, the better your Killstreaks are. But even if you always find yourself struggling with only being able to call in a UAV, spam that to no end because it highlights enemy positions to your entire team.

Being a mobile game, Call of Duty is full of convoluted menus that you need to learn how to explore. Hidden in these menus are certain in-game requirements like “Killing an x amount of enemies” or “Winning Y amount of Domination matches”. Just by playing the game for a while, you’ll hit these milestones, so periodically check in to claim your rewards. These are largely superficial items like skins, camos and emotes.

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