IndianVideoGamer Fanboy of the Year

Our last category is a IVG member category – the IVG Fanboy of the Year. You have the opportunity to pick the IVG member, whose dedication to his one chosen gaming platform (or hi-def video format) and his utter disdain for the alternative, deserves to be recognised with a custom forum title of Fanboy of the Year along with some gaming goodies. Here are the nominees for IndianVideoGamer’ Fanboy of the Year 2008:

arun360 (Xbox 360 fanboy)

Deepak (Xbox 360 fanboy)

He-Spanked-Pushy (Blu-Ray fanboy)

KrackChap (Sega fanboy)

K-dash (Xbox 360 fanboy)

Saha (Xbox 360 fanboy)

TechnoBomber (PS3 fanboy)

Winner gets:
Spore (PC) – courtesy EA/Excel Interactive
Fable 2 (Xbox 360) – courtesy Microsoft
C&C Red Alert 3 (PC) – courtesy EA/Excel Interactive
Prince of Persia memorabilia – courtesy E-Xpress Interactive

Click here to vote for your choice at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums

Metacritic scores courtesy metacritic.com

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