IndianVideoGamer Killzone 2 Contest

icon_feature1We’ve been thinking long and hard about two things regarding our Killzone 2 contest. Firstly, what we would like to give away as prizes for the contest, and secondly, the format for the contest. The answer to the first question became easier for us once the preorders in the IVG Offer crossed 100. There was no point in giving away copies of the game when almost every IVG member that wants it is buying it. So we thought about something that would enhance the Killzone 2 experience. So we decided that the prize for our Killzone 2 contest would be the DUALSHOCK 3 controller. As for the format, we thought of doing a Q&A contest; we though about puzzles, but we finally arrived at something that was uniquely IVG. And few things are as uniquely IVG as the 12 Baj Gaya deals that Danny introduced recently.

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So there it is – the IndianVideoGamer Killzone 2 Contest will be a 12BG deal and the prize will be the DUALSHOCK 3 controller. But not just one; seven DUALSHOCK 3 controllers to be given away everyday for a week starting the night of February 15. And this 12BG will have a twist to it. For details on the contest rules, head over to the contest thread at the IVG Community forums.

Note: Only IVG members with a minimum of 50 posts will be eligible for entry in this contest.

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