The Dead Space Count The ‘Dude’ Contest

We mentioned yesterday that we would be organising a contest around our return from podcast hiatus. So we spoke to EA, who were nice enough to co-operate and sponsor the prizes for the rather ominous-sounding Dead Space Count The ‘Dude’ Contest.

Up for grabs is one copy each of Dead Space for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and two copies for PC. All you have to do to stand a chance of winning is listen to the podcast (if you already have, listen to it again; it’s aural bliss) and count the number of times we say the word ‘dude’ throughout the duration of the podcast. This may sound reasonably easy, but mind you, the podcast is over half-an-hour long and we say ‘dude’ a lot.


To enter the contest, simply send the count to HundredProofSam as a personal message on the forums. You are free to send in as many as five entries by Sunday, November 2 when the contest ends. You are free to help others out with the answer as well.

The person who gets the answer right or the one who comes closest will get a copy of Dead Space and will also get to choose his platform of preference. If more than one person gets the right answer, the person who sends the entry first wins. So in all we will pick four winners and each will get a copy of Dead Space. We’re also giving away a few Dead Space posters to random contest entrants irrespective of their answer.

So get to listening, and I hope you guys aren’t relying on Nash to give you the answer. Feel free to post any queries regarding the contest in the contest thread at the IndianVideoGamer Community forums.

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