This week on IVG: Week of 13th October, 2009

icon_feature1While you guys might think there’s no point of ‘This week on IVG’ in the middle of the week, there is a singular point which demands an entry of IVG’s favourite feature. And that point is:


This is without a doubt the question on the minds on many IVG members. The conclusion of the FIFA 10 offer has turned into a nightmare partly due to the callousness of the distributor in the matter and mostly due to the incompetence of the courier company they are using, which seems to be routing its couriers via Nigeria.

It all began like any other IVG pre-order, with IVG members bouncing in merrily, pinky-in-pinky, and ordering their respective copies of the game. Things got peachier when the distributor strategically got a girl from their office to confirm all the addresses, which led to suppressed hormones being simultaneously released on the offer thread. Here’s one of the prime examples.

Of course, things quickly went downhill from there. More than 10 days after the release, people are still chasing after the extremely unhelpful courier company who seems to have forgotten what to do with packages once they reach their regional office. The outburst (which is fair, by all accounts) is best summarized by one of our correspondents.

With a giant called Uncharted 2: Among Thieves on the horizon, our neighbourhood friendly shot caller has taken it upon himself to ensure that the mishap is not repeated. Yes ladies and gentlemen… hang on… who am I kidding? Yes Gentlemen… ScotchTapeSam is back and you can sleep at night knowing that the shipping of Uncharted 2 is in safe hands. The pre-order, incidentally, is a new IVG record for most offers on a game edging out Killzone 2 with 110 copies

Sticking with pre-orders, we have recently launched our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 IVG offer, with a discount on all three editions of the game, and we’re also throwing in a free poster and T-shirt. Unbeknownst to many of you, this is a covert exercise in conjunction with the tax authorities you weed out all the rich buggers (ordering the prestige edition) and get them to pay more tax. So support the cause. Order your prestige edition now.

This week also saw the return of the e-xpress pricebuster in a new format. Operation Flashpoint 2: Dragon Rising is up for grabs and seriously guys, if you were paying a little more attention in your mathematics classes, we could have avoided the complete madness that makes up the first two pages of the PS3 pricebuster thread. Of course, it wouldn’t have been so much fun that way. The stars of the show included killzone123 (making a surprise return in the same edition of TWIVG) outbidding himself in his eagerness to grab the game, and supersim bidding for the game in the wrong thead. Keep it up guys, you make me proud.

In other news, Bulovski had the audacity to set up a brand new console wars thread, the focus of all the aggression being Xbox Live vs Playstation Network. The usual players were missing from action (this is the fear I strike in peoples’ hearts) Amidst the garbled mess of fanboyism, I could vaguely make out Sam and Keyofx starting a long distance relationship and Aftrunner chancing upon a piece of dogturd while taking a walk, confusing it for PSN and then trying to set it up on a friend’s PS3 through a Wi-Fi router. We all know how that would end. Needless to say, the sh*t hit the fan (pun intended) and the thread was locked the same day.

Oh and I should probably explain the image in the beginning. It’s an advertisement for Playstation Home. You know, set up a Playstation Home profile. Meet with gamers from all around the world. Put up pictures of the women you stalk in your apartment. That kind of stuff.

It’s been an eventful week, and to cap it off, here’s the weekly round up of reviews:

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (PS3/Xbox 360) – 8/10

Wet (PS3/Xbox 360) – 5/10

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