This week on IVG: Week of 23rd August, 2009

icon_feature1You know, I spent a lot of time thinking how to start this week’s (inaugural?) edition.

I can either make jokes about the whole episode which marked the beginning of this week, or write an emotional saga of heroes who fought to protect and endure what many of us call home (and a few of us call home-page).

Right, so let’s try the latter. First off, here’s a picture… a new sun rising in the horizon as we stare at a new beginning with our hearts swelling with pride. (So far, so good eh?)

I was also thinking Phoenix. Not a reference to IVG, mind you, but the old website-which-must-not-be-named. It rose in the face of the most stringent challenges, spreading its wings into a majestic flight.

And just as it was gaining momentum, someone shoved a double barreled shotgun to its face and pulled the trigger!

Sorry, I just can’t keep a straight face about the whole thing. What’s done is done, and in case you’re still wondering what’s up with the new name, you can read all about it here. Let’s focus on the funny bits:

First off, who suggested something to do with Gondwanaland (or something like that) for a new name for the website? And then there was someone who wanted to name the new site as a tribute to Gramps (gamingbudhas.com). You can check out a few more equally retarded names, interspersed with some brilliant ones here, and followed by the mad rush of suggestions for a new logo and the website as a whole.

The crux of matter is, we’re back, we’re going to be bigger and better than ever, and we could not do it without each and every member. It always sucks to lose a name which we’ve worked hard for, but like Bruce Wayne told Terry McGinnis in The Return of the Joker, it’s not Batman that makes him worthwhile, but the other way round.

Speaking of Batman, the first reviews of Batman: Arkham Asylum are out and they are raving! Good times ahead for all those who pre-ordered in the IVG offer. The other big news of the week was the Ray Sphere explosion at GamesCom when Sony announced the PS3 Slim and more importantly, dropped the price of the PS3 across the world with immediate effect. Much to our surprise, the price cut reached the oft-ignored shores of our country, and the PS3 is now available here for INR 20,000/- (don’t believe anyone who says otherwise).

Apart from adding another arrow to the quiver of the PS3 fanboys, this led to a lot of our members picking up the PS3 (including Gramps!!). This, of course, can have disastrous consequences , like putting an end to an eternal fanboy war on IVG. But we can always count on Sasha, Hellsboy, Karoo and Raghav to lead their armies into battle right boys?

Needless to say, we have to wait and watch. Will PS3 win against the 360? Will the Gondwanaland syndrome strike again in the search for a new logo? Will Pro-Evolution Soccer redeem itself?

Stay tuned to IVG to find out.

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