This week on IVG: Week of 26th July, 2009

icon_feature1In case you didn’t notice, we missed out on our last week’s edition of ‘This week on IVG’. That’s because we were too busy being awesome. That’s right… this week on IVG we’re going to tell you why IVG is so awesome that you should just give up on your mundane and plebian real lives and spend all your time skulking around here.

We have the news

Be it on the blog or the forums, our members always make sure that everyone is so well fed with enough gaming gyan to actually qualify for a Ph. D in Gaming. The last few days have been buzzing with activity, with some major titles getting release dates (Uncharted 2 and The Saboteur). And hey, our rumour mill wasn’t so far off the mark with the Uncharted 2 release date. Also on these days is Comic Con 2009, where many of the developers are showcasing their latest games and er… interactions with their kids

We have teh fanboi warzzz

What’s a gamer without a rabid, fanatical devotion towards his or her console of choice? And what’s a gaming website that does not promote that? While things have cooled off this week, the pitchforks, torches and the blades of chaos were out in full flow last week here, here and here.

Unlike other lame websites which prefer to keep things civilized (yuck!), the barbarianism of IVG will have you hooked. We love our fanboys, and if you are one of them, we want you here. It’s a place that you can call home.

We have the online gaming

The IVG FIFA League 2 on PSN is in full flow with Round 2 coming to an end this week, and Supersim had the audacity to call himself a n00b. Incidently, he has made it to the top 4 in a league of 24 participants. So can the humble nonsense… there’s a reason why your name is Supersim!.

On the Killzone 2 front, both the active IVG clans, DKK and FF101BGC keep butting their heads in epic battles week on week. And here’s a scoop from General DaN, a new IVG Killzone 2 challenge to be announced next week with prizes up for grabs.

Also with August 15th drawing closer, Homaga’s patriotism has finally boiled over the surface, and IVG’s international superstar came back with an emotional plea to be accepted into DKK. This of course, did not sit very well with some. Choicest words were spoken and popcorn-worthy discussion followed.

We have the Pricebusters and the IVG offers

Following up last weeks pricebuster (where you can pick up 3 games from the ‘Company of Heroes’ series for a dream price), this week saw the launch of the IVG offer for Ashes Cricket 2009. Head over and place your order, and you will be part of a special initiative to save a life.

We have the paparazzi hounding our asses

Has the newspaper ever talked about you? And we’re not talking about the time when the police came looking for you. Check out IVG in Hindustan Times.

We have the girls

No comments.

We have the youtube videos

Please redirect your attention to the following links in the honour of Markettantrik:


And finally, we have the weekly roundup of reviews (last-weekly roundup in this case)

Fight Night Round 4 (PS3/Xbox 360) – 8/10
Metal Gear Solid: Touch (iPhone/iPod Touch) – 5/10
Rock Band: Unplugged (PSP) – 5/10
Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 (PS2/PS3/Xbox 360/Wii/PSP) – 7/10

Until next week. Or not.

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