This Week on IVG: Week of 27th September, 2009

icon_feature1Hellooooo everyone and welcome once again to a brand new edition of ‘This week on IVG’. It’s been sometime so let me remind you all why we do this: Primarily to make fun of immature moderators and members who instigate random fanboy wars, but also to tell you the latest events on IVG.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves has been setting the gaming world on fire off late, and IVG has been among the first to stoke the flames with our single player review and our multiplayer hands-on. Sam has reportedly been seen walking around the streets of Mumbai in a dazed state ever since he has played the single player campaign. He even says that he wants to be an adventurer among thieves now, just like Nathan Drake. What this does is make the wait to October 16th all the more unbearable. Our Uncharted 2: Among Thieves IVG offer is also underway, so why don’t you save some money and order a copy right now? You’ll even grab a free poster (which will make you very popular with the ladies) along the way.

In other news, Gramps has been a lone warrior against the giant evil corporation known as Microsoft. The inability to add more achievement points to his gamerscore has filled him with the strength of a thousand great warriors and given him purpose in life. As if spewing acid all over their customer care reps and inboxes wasn’t enough, Gramps stormed the grand launch of Halo 3: ODST and the Gold Lounge of PVR Select Citywalk, Delhi earlier this week with murder on his mind. Microsoft, however, was up to the task, and amidst ODST on the big screen (a marathon 12 hour session!), film stars and some lovely ladies, our savage lion was soon purring like a satisfied cat.

Jokes aside, Microsoft needs to sort out the credit card issue as soon as possible. Their after sales service has been nothing short of exemplary (are you reading Sony?), and there’s no point maligning that image over something which can be sorted so easily. For those who don’t know, RBI issued guidelines that all online transactions using Credit Card require an added online verification system (an IPIN). While many sites have already implemented it – MS hasn’t. This has led to users not being able to use their CC anymore on XBL. The solution offered by MS is to buy retail – which is 50% more than the XBL price. At one point, multiple people in the forums were told by support that MS is not going to fix the issue because it’s not their fault. Later speaking to MS they said they would – but as of now, there have been no further updates.

And so we part this week with a very interesting revelation from our very own ghb. Here’s a thought: if you spot anything lol-worthy on shout, send me a screenshot and you get a honourary mention on ‘This week on IVG’. Oh, and you also get to poke Pushy.

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