This week on IVG: Week of 9th August, 2009

icon_feature1When gaming and super-heroes come together, the resulting concoction is more often than not the stuff William Shakespeare’s plays are made of – it’s either a comedy or a tragedy (sometimes it is hard to tell which one). So everyone’s skepticism towards Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham Asylum was understood. Sure, it looked great from the previews, but we’ve seen that trick before.

However, ever since the demo of the game released late last week, Batman: Arkham Asylum has been the talk of IVG. With glowing feedback all around from IVG members, it looks like a positive trend is picking up steam (starting with Wolverine managing to do quite well earlier this year in his own video game)

The keenness for the game is evident from the number of people who have already booked their copy in the IVG offer for Batman: Arkham Asylum. We are also throwing in a freebie (either a prequel comic book or Dr. Arkham’s Journal) as an added sweetener, so you may want to head over to order thread if you haven’t already. And if that wasn’t enough, stick around for a special contest where one lucky winner (me? pretty please?) will win the collectible 14 inch batarang (my precioussssssss!)

Indian gamers have also been getting a love from both console and PC manufacturers off late, with Dell bringing Alienware to India (stop drooling already!), Microsoft launching the much awaited games on demand service in the India marketplace, and Sony bringing two new PS3 bundles. Speaking of Sony, the rumour mill has been churning out a lot of interesting reveals that Sony allegedly has lined up for GamesCom. Our own Baba Samdev has made some predictions and we’re taking bets now for how many do you think will come true. And anyone willing to back all of Sam’s claims will receive some very special personal favours from him (He said so himself!). Pushy can tell you all about it. 😛

Also, for those who think that Donz’s only pastime is building a profile for an inevitable modelling career, you’d be surprised to find out about his important role in organizing the recently concluded Halo 3 tournament. In typical IVG style, things that couldn’t have gone wrong either went wrong or were made to look like they went wrong (It’s all very confusing… so many rules!), and a heated discussion followed between Donz and Madhav (to the point where Gramps had to show up earlier today with his banexcalibur ominously poised to strike). All those with bored, jobless, housewife-like tendencies can read about it here.

With that, let’s end this week’s edition on an anticipatory note. The clock is ticking, and countdown on the top right side of the blog ends tomorrow. Be the first to know. Stay tuned to IVG.

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