Uncharted 2 Contest: We have a winner!

icon_feature1More than 1,500 IVG members sent in over 3,000 entries for our Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Contest, which concluded yesterday. And why wouldn’t they? There’s a brand new 120GB PlayStation 3 slim and a copy of the game up for grabs. After sifting through the duplicate entries and discarding the incorrect ones (yes, surprisingly, there were quite a few of those), we have finally arrived at the lucky winner.

[singlepic id=1543 float=center]
For those who are still curious to know, here are the contest questions and the correct answers:

Which of the following is not a character from Uncharted 2?

Who is Drake’s best friend and mentor?
Victor Sullivan

A part of Uncharted 2 takes place in…

Whose treasure is Drake after in Uncharted 2?
Marco Polo

So if you’re amongst the 96% of members that got all four answers right, keep your eyes on this thread at midnight tonight, because that’s where we reveal the winner’s name.

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