X360 vs PS3: Which offers better support in India?

icon_feature1How many Xbox 360 vs PlayStation 3 articles/predictions/analyses/rants do we come across on the internet on a weekly basis? More than even the most ardent console fanboy would care for. But we’re going to look past the online functionalities, the high-profile exclusives, and the sales figures and focus on another aspect of these consoles that greatly affects a potential buyer’s purchase decision – after sales support. Of course, we’ll be looking at it from a uniquely Indian perspective as the policies for both consoles differ to some extent from what they offer in other markets.

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We’re going to use six parameters to compare in detail the after sales service and support offered by both Sony and Microsoft in India. This article should give anyone looking to buy an Xbox 360 or PS3 in India a clear picture of where both consoles stand in terms of customer support. It’s important to mention however, that unless specified in this article, all warranty and service policies explained here pertain to consoles purchased officially from India that have not been modified or tampered with.

So let’s get to it then. Here are the six parameters we’ll be using to compare the two consoles:

1. Warranty policies
2. Turnaround time
3. Quality of replacement console
4. Ease of replacement process
5. Post-warranty support
6. Support for out-of-region consoles

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