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  1. Completely agree with @Aftrunner above. Server hardware and bandwidth isnt free. Game servers need good hardware and excellent network connections to minimize latency. The only alternative to PUBG asking for money is for them to release tools for people to host servers themselves and then let the people who can afford buying a server handle this.
  2. Yeah, it's a pretty bad scenario. Disney is coming out with its own streaming service soon too. This is basically going to fragment the market again and push people to pirate content rather than pay for it.
  3. This really is the age of death by a thousand subscriptions :/
  4. Got this yesterday, the Cayin N5ii!
  5. I've joined my team, SNAFU!
  6. Do you mean this one? - LG Gaming 27MP59G its going fo 17k right now plus the 10% HDFC offer will work!
  7. NETGEAR Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router (R7000) - Rs 8999
  8. Yeah I think admins should add "NO BOOK SPOILERS" to the thread title
  9. It's likely that the guru, bhonsle and trivedi are all behind the nuclear attack. Gaitonde wouldn't know to build a bunker unless he knew for certainty that a nuke will be used. I guess season 2 will also show how the nuke was sourced. Maybe Gaitonde was tricked into believing it would be used somewhere else instead of Mumbai.
  10. Not there in the bunker itself but it will probably be the plot for season 2. The weapons itself were not the thing Gaitonde warned about, he knew what was coming and built a bunker to escape it. We also don't know why Trivedi was in the bunker being tortured and what the betrayal of Gaitonde was about.
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