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L33TWiZaRd's Feedback

  1. TSC1010 left Positive feedback for a topic   

  2. Modgill left Positive feedback for a topic   

    Custom Tshirts - TitanFall
    great buyer.

    L33TWiZaRd was The Buyer

  3. te2pr left Positive feedback   

    10/10 d console works perfectly no problems watsoeva

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  4. Madhav left Positive feedback   

    10/10... highly recommended... a very nice and a helpful person to deal with...

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  5. newuxtreme left Positive feedback   


    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  6. Madhav left Positive feedback   

    10/10... awesome guy to deal with.. just trade with him without even thinking twice...

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  7. kingofdevils left Positive feedback   

    Excellent guy.Quick and efficient modding.And most importantly very very helpful and friendly.Highly Recommended

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  8. Choron ka raja left Positive feedback   

    nice deal. looking forward to deal again.

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  9. CarbonCore left Positive feedback   

    Very prompt, speedy delivery, very good value

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  10. codedlivess left Positive feedback   

    superfast payment, a good guy 10/10

    L33TWiZaRd was The Buyer

  11. smileysil left Positive feedback   

    The HDD is great. Amazing guy very good to deal with. Highly recommended.

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  12. gonekrazy3000 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent packing and very prompt replies for my queries. Will definitely deal with him again in future :)

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  13. beb0p left Positive feedback   

    Great guy to deal with. Very helpful and patient. Highly Recommended!

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  14. Masterjack left Positive feedback   

    very reliable and helpful.modded the console in a very short time.will def deal wit him in future

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  15. snipermike left Positive feedback   

    Good trade, Satisfied.

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  16. apextwin left Positive feedback   

    Good to deal with

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  17. DealinGames left Positive feedback   

    instant payment and nice person to deal

    L33TWiZaRd was The Buyer

  18. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Hassle free deal!!! will definitely deal with him again.. 10/10!!

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  19. sud left Positive feedback   

    Condition is excellent

    L33TWiZaRd was The Seller

  20. XeOn left Positive feedback   

    Amazing guy ..... very friendly and fast

    L33TWiZaRd was The Buyer

  21. RAPT0R left Positive feedback   

    Made the payment instantly. Constantly kept inh touch and is a great guy to deal with!

    L33TWiZaRd was The Buyer

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