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  1. Day 1. Physical for me. no need to preorder as there will be lots of stock. Every CEX store has an oversupply of first party Sony games. 


    I only preorder for some Japanese games and collectors items as stocks for them are usually limited. 

  2. 7 hours ago, Assassins Creed said:


    DLC is standalone right? Don't want to buy the base game again...

    No. One of the offerings is literally a third person mode of the full base game. 

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  3. 21 minutes ago, Vamos said:


    You should go back to the year 1900 coz your opinions surely belong there ;)

    More like the the golden 1980s-2010s years when such politics and feelings didn’t matter then. No hard left and right crap now 


  4. 6 minutes ago, CarbonCore said:


    What does camera angle and bossfights have anything to do with libtards? Unless you mean they won't have sex mini-games for 14 year olds to jerk off to.

    You know very well what I am talking about especially those camera angles. :P

  5. 1 hour ago, silv3rgunn3r said:

    It's upto you bro. Personally I'm not aware of them. If you feel they'll deliver as promise, then you can try. But i still suggest it's better to get it locally.


    You'll get it for lesser than what FK is offering. I got  the same model for 85k locally in mid April (there was no sale going on) whereas you can see the prices online retailers are selling it way higher prices.


    I see. It depends on the local shop. Which shop and city are you referring to when you got your TV?


    I am in Bangalore. 85k is a steal. 

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