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  1. 3 minutes ago, zoord said:

    Pentiment is amazing. Ending is bit shallow but overall  the characters which you interact throught the story in the village and how each character story changes and progress through 3 decade because of your choice is surreal to experience. Art style is unique and soothing for the eye too.


    Ridiculous, Pentiment, Psychonauts 2, HI-FI Rush, Starfield, none count.


    What counts, 59 meta TLOU 1 Remake(remaster), and Quantum Error, and Stray.


    Also, Flight Simulator is not a game, Death Stranding is a game.


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  2. 19 hours ago, Black_Hawk said:


    Just saw some gameplay videos on Youtube and on 1080p I should be fine with the above hardware.


    I'll first pick up Alan Wake Remastered and complete that before I jump into this one though. Played the first game a decade ago and needless to stay I have forgotten most of it so revisiting it is a must.


    Just see a story recap of AW1 on youtube, gameplay is a drag in that one.

  3. https://www.metacritic.com/game/alan-wake/


    14 hours ago, AnK said:

    Alan Wake was a genuinely great game.


    Decide kar bhai, 83 great hai ki nahi?


    If they had made AW2, THen the game would have been very different, Remedy was gonna make a truer sequel to AW. Post RE2, they decided to go Survival Horror route bcuz Sam Lake loved the Remake


    Also gameplay for AW1 was a drag, and so was the dialogue writing, which was incredibly bad. Sam Lake used the long break to really write a great game this time around.


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  4. 2 hours ago, playstationdude said:

    How are you guys getting time to slice through so many games back to back, while posting here 24/7 at the same time?:eyepop:


    They ain't, they just posting here 24/7 :D


    10 hours ago, RV1709 said:

    I finished Spider-Man 2 and now on Alan Wake. The bigger question is if the xbot leader @triggr happy ss is progressing from 1% to 2% on starfield (release date:6th Sept) or is he playing the sequel to an IP Microsoft lost back to Remedy 


    Actually, the bigger question is if this radicaldude and a couple of other ponies even have any gaming a/cs, or not? PSN, XBXL, STEAM, anything at all? I mean they have dedicated their lives to being a pony, so they must have some skin in  the game, right?



  5. 12 minutes ago, AnK said:

    What’s this got to do with Xbox SeriesX/S?!? :rofl: 


    You really are an another level fanboy dude!! :lol: 


    You will never find peace coz you ain’t really in it for your own enjoyment or anything to do with you yourself personally….


    Godspeed 👍🏻🏻


    Everything ACTI-Blizz is now M$ bizness, get with the times :pulpfiction:


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