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  1. Is the triple ball/soap opera effect prevalent in current Samsung TVs? Looking to buy the Samsung AU8000 or AU9070 43" and read that it maybe having the triple ball/soap opera effect. Do other TVs have this as well? And if anyone has real-world experience with these, is it worth the 10-15k premium over Hisense A71F/TCL P715? Will use it for gaming + OTT. Thanks!
  2. Amazing! RD told me that apparently the A71F in 43" is being discontinued or something. I had seen the 55" as well and it looked decent. But for 24k, its a steal!
  3. will check it out, thanks a lot! Yup main usage would be PS5 + regular firestick usage.
  4. Any idea about the diff between AU8000, AU8200 and AU9070? And what about LGUP7500 and UP7750? LG has only 2 HDMI ports but what other differences are there?
  5. Thanks! Saw the Mi 4a TV in person, was not impressed. Any opinions on 43" Samsung AU8200? It looked good from what I saw offline. Don't know the exact difference though between AUE70, AU8000 and the AU8200. Also saw AU7700 but the 8200 looked much better. Saw TCL P715 as well but trust Samsung more from brand and service POV.
  6. Any feedback about these TVs? For PS5 + firestick usage for the bedroom. All 43" TCL P715 Vu Ultra (If I can find it somewhere) Hisense A71F/A6GE Mi 5x Samsung AUE70(6-7k more than the others, is it worth it?) From what I read, VU is the brightest panel of the lot. Don't know about anything else. Will be switching from a 24" 1080p monitor so I guess all of them will be a huge upgrade lol
  7. When is it coming? Please share your feedback about it, looking to get one as well and all the chinese brands confuse me
  8. What about Samsung? That crystal range? AUE70 and AUE80 Any particular hisense/Toshiba brand? And what about Vu, TCL, OP, Mi?
  9. Any recommendations for 4K 43" TVs? Want it for the bedroom so preferably don't want to spend too much. Around 30k? Might be able to extend a bit if its a good option
  10. Anyone has any feedback about which one is better among these? https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B0873PS1LB/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_6?smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG&th=1 https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B08HM31MQP/ref=ox_sc_saved_title_8?smid=A14CZOWI0VEHLG&th=1 Need it just for the bedroom and for gaming + firestick
  11. Any good recommendations for bookshelf speakers/soundbar for a 15x13 room? Need it to be loud enough to cover the full room and decent bass. AUX and bluetooth are a must. Thanks!
  12. Its natural bud, once you start earning, treat your parents then :P. Plenty of time for that. I've always had this guilt as well. Just try to research whatever you're buying, spend weeks doing it. I bother tons of people and know all pros and cons before buying anything. And if there's a crazy deal, its perfect! If your parents encouraged you to go for it, then enjoy the phone What's more important you have this realisation, it'll go a long way. And as someone already mentioned, as long as you're not a prick like them, which I don't think you would be considering you already have had this important realisation, its all cool! Thank god you're not friends with those anymore, such people are too toxic. Everything has its own time! So try not to feel guilty, easier said than done, but there's always a time for everything! Once you start earning, treat them! EDIT: Guys any idea if anyone's gonna offer the iPad pro M1 lower than the current 65.9k on Amazon?
  13. Not really an audiophile though but just want decent sound and volume should be enough to cover the bedroom only. Will the studio monitors be able to cover or is a SB+W better for that?
  14. Difference between studio monitors and a soundbar+woofer setup in the under 10k budget range? Will mainly connect to a monitor through AUX and would use it for movies/tv shows + PS5 + music at times.
  15. Any good deals on soundbars in the 5-10k range? Just want it for the bedroom Any recommendations? Aux is a must. Thanks!
  16. I currently use Oppo Enco w51 for calling, meetings and music. So far haven't received any complaints about the mic quality or anything, and tbh its actually decent. If it falls within budget, its pretty good. Has ANC as well which works amazing for the price and the sound quality is also good.
  17. Do y'all use a steering wheel for GT or use the controller?
  18. Just saw this. Got perfumes for the family, kept aside some amount for future gifts and treated myself with Mx Master 3.
  19. Are there any wall mounts available in India for the PS5? Looking to clean up some space on my desk by moving the PS5 around. Current setup looks like this: https://imgur.com/a/rbUFYz2 Thought of putting a shelf above the monitor and placing it on top of it but worried of it falling and wires being visible. Another option is to put it under the desk, will hide most of the cables as well. Is it a good idea? Only the top air flow might be slightly restricted. Or any other suggestions where I can place the console? This is the desk I have: https://www.ulcdn.net/images/products/210177/slide/666x363/Terry_Study_Table_1.jpg?1538385099 Thanks!
  20. Just wanted to see if its a big difference from the GW3. I had buyer's remorse lol after they announced the GW4 as I got GW3 thinking there won't be another watch for atleast 2-3 years. Expect 1.5-2 days battery life, not more than that. And if possible avoid Facer and use the watchface apps, although it might be lesser considering the new OS, but afaik Facer consumes a lot of battery. I think the BP and ECG are the 2 features :P. Get them from XDA, they work pretty well. The BP requires recalibration every 28 days but the reading was very similar to an actual machine and is good to identify high-low BP, especially when you're on the move. How's the UI and notifications? I don't like the Tizen notification system so wondered if the new UI is any different. Enjoy the watch!
  21. Any idea till when is the airpods offer valid for student IDs?
  22. Played Arthur! Good game buddy! Arthur 2-5 Armaan
  23. Can there be any issues with the warranty if we purchase using someone else's student ID or the student ID expires after the purchase?
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