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  1. Nah, being forced to play the entire game in one sitting without quitting in a country like India that has powercuts and load shedding? Congrats on the Platinum
  2. dekardia

    Elden Ring

    The game looks and feels more like Dark Souls 4 than a new IP. Well, as long as the game is good, I'm okay.
  3. My 17th Platinum. I decided to use the 2 days of free multi-player from the Days of Play event to get the multi-player trophies in Tekken 7.
  4. I was looking at my Humble Bundle purchases and found that I had Steam keys for Cat Quest and Deep Sky Derelicts. 2 keys, 2 users. I'll select users in a first come, first served basis. EDIT : @Keyofx has claimed Deep Sky Derelicts. Cat Quest still available.
  5. Are you still selling those PS4 games? If you are, kindly respond to the posts made in your thread and make some space in your inbox so that I can PM.


    Thank you.ย 

  6. The game had moments of brilliance but it was clear the game was rushed and made without any proper planning. I hated the fact that actual rationale behind the Starscourge was explained in a freaking note put on the box outside the gas station towards the end of the game. There are scenes that have no flow. A lot of money was spent on making the world big but most of the landscape is barren and empty. I don't know why devs have this "bigger is better" fetish. Make compact worlds that have content. I don't like playing games that are big and empty. You can break the game completely if you know how to choose the right upgrades. I platinumed the game but FF XV was a letdown. It could have been the best game of the generation had Square Enix got their act together but alas...
  7. I wanted to buy Royal but the price was too high for my taste so I ended up picking vanilla 5 from Gameloot. I think the lowest price I've seen for Royal was 1750 rs from PS store. Still too high for my wallet. Persona 5 Strikers is out and I'm afraid I'll have to wait a year or two before the price drops to palatable levels
  8. Spider-Man Remastered and Miles Morales ruined Peter's face. The new model is unable to emote at all. I would like to show you comparisons but since the best examples involve the ending of the game...I think it's best I not post any spoilers.
  9. Games as a Service (GaaS) model games need to go to extinct.
  10. ^ Source : https://www.msn.com/en-sg/entertainment/gaming/final-fantasy-vii-remake-gets-ps5-upgrade-e2-80-9cintergrade-e2-80-9d-and-exclusive-yuffie-dlc/ar-BB1e1Lqo I'll pass on this. I thought 7 Remake was thoroughly mediocre and an insult to the original. The parts of the game that followed the original were great but then they had to diverge and do the whole and stuff the game with tons of padding. The graphics were not consistent - some areas and characters looked amazing but others like the JPEG-esque backgrounds in the slums, the badly modeled NPCs, low resolution textures hurt the overall presentation. The one thing I absolutely loved about Remake was the music. No complaints there.
  11. The Soulsborne games tell their story through item descriptions. Some things regarding the story are ambiguous, some are merely educated guesses. VaatiVidya does a good job of compiling the story and explaining it. Personally, not a fan of this method of storytelling but the game is good fun
  12. Muspelheim is an arena area where you will have to fight waves of enemies. Niflheim is basically a maze where you have to find mist echoes. Personally speaking, I thought these two realms were added simply for the sake of padding the game. Depending on the difficulty mode you're playing on, getting the Platinum might be okay to really hard. The reason being Sigrun. She is very aggressive and uses all the moves the previous Valkyries used. I don't think you can get a plat in 4-5 hours. For me it took like 20-25 hours after finishing the main story quest to get my platinum I think. Spent a lot of time in Museplheim and Niflheim, and then some for finding the collectibles I missed. Sigrun took a lot of deaths but I was able to best her. That was a fun boss
  13. Yeah, it was on sale for around 1.7k on PSN but I couldn't pick it up. I've seen the steelbook on Gameloot but I have issues with the sticker they put - it'd look really bad on the steelbook and trying to remove it would leave residue, and the price is around 2.7k which is too much.
  14. I usually play on the hardest difficulty available and use a trophy roadmap guide to make sure I don't miss anything. I got all the trophies except for two and was fortunate enough to have saved on multiple save slots so I was able to quickly load back to them and farm the two I missed. And no, I didn't like God of War 3 at all. I have played the previous games to death, and have even done numerous No Upgrade Runs on the hardest difficulty modes. God of War 3 goes downhill after Hades - the world itself becomes bathed in darkness, level design for areas like the Labyrinth were infuriating, and the story was bad. I know they wanted Kratos to be completely unlikable with moments where his anger becomes justified, but the way they did it was comical. Case in point : the gif below. A serious moment became meme worthy. That's just what I felt after playing 3. A lot of people loved the game - it just didn't do for me. As for platinuming a game I don't like, well... If the trophy roadmap says a game is doable and doesn't take much time, I go for the platinum.
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