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  1. Fullly vaxxed + Double boosted, yeh quality hai. Even now, 400 are dying everyday in the US.
  2. Less than 50m current gen sold. Even if 20% buy them on opening weekend, it won't touch GTA5's opening figures. So Cross gen is very much possible.
  3. @Big Boss clear inbox, starting a Gupt conversation.
  4. 68k RTs, 608k Likes Twitter is fking huge
  5. This news story was no longer about the dentist or what he did, after this tweet.
  6. I think they did like 500ppl and put out the dumbest one, or it is staged which I feel is less likely.
  7. There is some dialogue in the end "Aashiquoin ki Aashiqui se haar gaye"?
  8. Ritika Sardana briefly dated Kholi before Rohit, i think this has been the bone. Never seen Ritika and Anushka together.
  9. So after hitting 50 and losing to Pak, Virat goes to Press and says this. He doesn't get it that noone gives a fk if you are not scoring runs, if you are not winning matches. Ganguly was dropped after hitting painstaking 100 against Zimbabwe. He took it on his chin and moved on, despite being the best captain for India "IND vs PAK: Only MS Dhoni Messaged Me When I Stepped Down As Test Captain: Virat Kohli"
  10. India is making habit of getting eliminated from multi-country tournaments.
  11. I didn't understand what you said. But now I do. India is out of Asia Cup. No way Pak will lose both their matches.
  12. Pant isn't made for LOI breaks my ❤️ though. DK sitting out is self-called curse.
  13. If India loses today, will it get eliminated?
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