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  1. Hormone therapy, gender reassignment surgeries..
  2. The medical way to treat the problem rather than psychotherepatic approach is what bringing this situation to head,man.
  3. There are some really good letters here. One written by Black dad about domestic violence prevalent in Black families.
  4. True. AZ was shoved in US and AUD in the name of some blood clot which we haven't even heard about in India after administering 80cr doses. Similar thing was done with J&J, it smelled like a conspiracy.
  5. I cannot say at this point that Pfizer has asked indemnities around the world cuz they "know" that something is wrong but can say that because they "think" something may go wrong. And the fact that they were amongst the first few who were able to push through the the emergency use window, probably they weren't so confident about the data they received, at the same time stalling would've caused them dear commercially with Moderna, J&J & AZ ready with their own. Today, Pfizer efficacy against delta is well known. States like Vermont and Countries like Israel which heavily banked on Pfizer are having more cases than pre-vaxx times, and now would be the time we know about the AE even clearly.
  6. This was the first time I was rooting for CSK. They played well, fair.
  7. This was the first time I was rooting for CSK. They played well, fair.
  8. I wouldn't call it mental illness, but most of these peeps suffer with Gender Dysphoria, which is being normalised, as "born this way". The dangers here are that these folks are advocating teenagers and pre-pubescent kids to take puberty-blockers instead of having the Dysphoria diagnosed properly and treated. The next step is then surgeries to tinker with reproduction organs. It's getting fubar and must be fought before it goes out of hand, it is slipping already.
  9. CSK becomes a beast in playoffs and in finals. KKR going down in this one.
  10. Why would one in their senses buy a cesspool?
  11. Doc saab, Pfizer pe to mere ko pahle se hi doubt tha. Lekin aap log maan nahi rahe the. This is why they have taken sovereign guarantees from govt all over the world, so they cannot be sued.
  12. Between vaxxhores and vaxxholes, these issues would be swept under the carpet. In India, we would never know....
  13. call them from mall's parking lot, ask them to send a guy down there. you get your cheap game, guy gets 50rs tip, everyone's happy.
  14. Malls in MH require double-vaccine certificate. I was surprised they were quite crowded.
  15. Ashwin got lucky with Narine but it was really a lulli ball to bowl....tried again and....well.
  16. No Rishabh Pant...hmmm
  17. This all is now spilling into films, toys, books....despite Hollywood has been very accomodating to marginalized groups, giving screen time to hiring to awards. There is a place and time for everything, phobias, hate and divide won't disappear if Ironman turns crippled, Trans woman.
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