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  1. At least read things in context, dum dum like you can put that much effort, no?
  2. That is what govts and Media wants, won't die down on Elon Musk's twitter.
  3. Project Veritas videos are edited, so these clips which are 5 mins collectively, have been taken out of conversation which would've been 3-4hrs over 3 different dates. Anyhoo, cat is out of bag. Rand Paul, Matt Gatz and Marco Rubio are going to rake their asses over coals, in congressional hearing. The FDA-pfizer revolving door is also going to be a big scandal.
  4. It was the third date, he really wanted to jump to third base.
  5. If that was true, Pfizer would've denied this by now...they haven't. Doesn't matter, Pfizer will get subpoenaed to Congress.
  6. Watch Died Suddenly. It's not just significantly higher, it is something which is blowing out.
  7. I like it how everyone in that shop are nonchalant about it.
  8. https://twitter.com/AmanKayamHai_/status/1611558857754525696?t=QTOpEUbyVffaoqh4YRbJ6A&s=19 Good job GoI
  9. RRR is super hit in Japan, it's being shown in theaters, no one had this on their Bingo cards
  10. I would swap I Khan with Babar. Babar has class and he is nice human being.
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