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  1. Thats even worse, Levato was hot af, not too long ago
  2. Obama got Nobel Peace prize after Arab Springs, which brought destruction in 3 countries and created ISIS. Trump contained NaKo, got Abraham Accord, crushed ISIS and Iran's state sponsored terrorism. He actually should have 2 or may be 3 Nobels.
  3. My pleasure. Make no mistake, he was the best POTUS in long long time, one who deserved Nobel peace prize than the most of all.
  4. Most of them are meh but he was as real as an American can be.
  5. Biden himself was quite decent as VP, his cognitive functions were in tact, he used to compliment Obama decently.
  6. She thinks everyone she is speaking to, are infants.
  7. That's very wrong assessment of what I meant. Noone is expecting a Cohen movie out of this but it should've done justice to the characters which were already established and had a strong persona. Tom Holland is too wimpy for Drake, Sully is too greedy and clever by half. The mistrust shown between the two throughout the movie, killed it for me. They were supposed to be brothers in arms. Worst part is they couldn't bring in even one sequence where Drake is uses his ledge hopping skills, he is doing it since he was a kid and was in an orphanage.
  8. Saw Uncharted, what nonsense crap they have created. Seriously, ND should go and beat the crap out of folks at Sony Pictures and show it how its done.
  9. Kohli is so so fked. He gets out and ppl make memes. He has brought upon him himself.
  10. No no. This will go through. Jack Dorsey is set to return as CEO.
  11. I haven't laughed this loud in a while.
  12. Bahout filmy story hai :||||
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