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  1. I would say the Horizon IP is more relevant right now after the recent release of the sequel. You comment on the interest is also pure speculation, unless you can point me to a broad demographic survey indicating this sentiment. As for the expense, Guerilla already have a PS5 engine from HFW and with 70 bucks a pop, they'd make their money back in no time.
  2. I meant HZD. TLOU was a great game, but I never thought it'd get a 2nd remake, especially one without factions. If this makes money, whats stopping Sony from remaking HZD? Anyway, this is all speculation, we will just have to wait and watch.
  3. Ah. Even then, I think someone like a game director would have a vested interest in experiencing the competition from start to finish.
  4. HZD & HFW follows the typical ubilol open world formula. The game was enjoyable because of its combat and the enemy types in the beginning. But I lost interest at around the 60-70% mark and stopped playing. Tried to pick it up when HFW was close, but just couldn't get through with it and was waayy more hyped for ER. Both Horizon games are absolutely beautiful, but then again, the TLOU Remaster also plays and looks amazing on the PS5, and we are still getting a full price remake. It would have made sense if the remaster was not a part of the Playstation Collection. A lot of new gamers to the PS platform would have experienced the best version of the game, but even then, a 70USD tag still seems like Sony mikling that cow for some more bucks. If it sells well, it will set a precedent for HZD Remake. I think it might be the other way around. A game director will need to look at it as a wholistic product, where as regular devs who are working on it on a peice-meal basis would maybe focus only on thier parts and do some playtesting.
  5. Like I said, broken record which perfectly derailed a fairly interesting conversation about cycle time in games.
  6. It might kill a few people here with boredom, it seems to their full time job...
  7. Man, its like the simpony jukebox is stuck on just one record
  8. Remaster of a game launched in 2008 = Remaster of a remaster launched in 2014 which pretty much runs @ 4k/30.... And talking about Halo, its was remastered once, and then included in the Collection. Are simponies considering the separate XB1 & PC launches as different remasters?
  9. Charging full price for a remaster is what's ludicrous. Sony did it with Spiderman, now the same with TLOU. Both games were stunning on the PS4 and that carried over to the PS5. The improvements weren't ground breaking, yes, it was butter smooth with 60FPS, but was it worth the full price? TLOU Re-remaster seems unnecessary and a cashgrab. Can't wait for the HZD remaster to be announced at full price next, and ponies will eat it up, just like they did with the PS+ tiers fiasco. What's even funnier is Ponies bashing Halo, when all Halo players here, uninamously will say Halo is sh*t right now. Season 2 was a disaster and probably by the time season 3 comes around, the playerbase will have disappeared. Not every game can pull an NMS, but I really hope Halo does cos the multiplayer gameplay was on point.
  10. I've faced multiple issues with 1+ devices. The most common one was Android Auto, it never worked. The phones also start showing their age in terms of performance (battery, heating, slowness) at around the 1 year mark. I sold my S20+ to a friend of mine and its still working as good as new. Battery also lasts him till end of day even after 2+ years.
  11. Lucky! I still have 2 years on mine... Will end up paying the difference and going for Extra or the deluxe one...
  12. I don't have a HDFC CC unfortunately. I recently got my salary account in HDFC and I get called at least 3-4 times a month with them offering Regalia, I tell them I want Infinia, and they say they'll get back to me. Axis Magnus imo has better rewards compared to Regalia, so I went for that instead. The Grab deals will frequently have 10x 15x for FK and Amazon. I use my ICICI Amazon where ever the 5% cashback is higher than the Axis rewards equivalent or if I'm going for EMIs (ICIC Amazon has no rewards for EMI purchases)
  13. I've increased the brightness to exaggerate the effect for the tests. When in actual use, it will be about 30-35% of the current brightness. I marked safe for kids so you could watch it and it doesn't your trigger parental controls
  14. Isiliye toh VS thread mein post karna band kar diya bhai. Udhar damru bajne do aur jamooron ko naachne do! But every single thread with these usual suspects is turning out to be confrontational. Just because they say in their 'humble opinion' doesn't change the fact that they are looking for arguments and ignoring facts. Like comparing the release of games of 2-3 year old games on a completely new platform (PC) with making them available with a subscription service on existing platforms. Most people who own the console will buy these new, making them available with subscription to the existing PS5 demographic is hardly generous or philanthropic. They have run their sales cycle and majority of PS5 owners are done with them. Early adopters of the PS5 feeling shafted is quite natural. And these will be the same people who will serenade Sony for including an indie game like Stray (which btw, looks absolutely charming) and at the same time sh*t on GPU for making award winning indies available.
  15. I haven't had issues with Axis Magnus, get the reward points updated on every billing cycle, including the 2x-5x ones from buying through their Grab Deals portal. It has an annaul 10k fee, but you also get 10k Tata Cliq vouchers every year. Waiting to see if I get the offer for Infinia, I fit their eligibility criteria, going to check after the 6th month's salary gets credited into that account.
  16. What happens to the already stacked membership? Do you have to pay the difference for the entirety of your balance period? I've been a bit away from the scene lately.
  17. Looks like 'humble' is the word of the week. Anyway, people trying to compare GPU & the new Paystation Plus tiers are kind of comparing apples and oranges. The PS+ tiers are pretty much useless for a majority of the population who buy games when they are new. I'll probably play Retrunal now, but the rest either don't interest me at all, or I'm already done with them. I'll probably still subscribe to it, cos why not and would still buy Sony AAAs without waiting or worrying about when they will launch on the subscription service. GPU on the other-hand will get you all MS 1st party games day-1. Now, I know some snarky pony is going to jump on this and reply with a juvenile response like 'what games'. Nevertheless, the point being, any and all MS 1st party releases will be available day-1. There are no ifs or buts about it. Like always, its always entertaining to see ponies 'explaining' a large conglomerates 'intent' when the rest of the world sees is for what it is - a cashgrab. Looks like we have another VS thread in the making here, all thanks to the usual suspects and their colourful language.
  18. Got it on all 4 edges now, still need to work on a better response. But overall, happy with how its come out so far. Here's another vid: Got a 4 mtr LED strip to set this up on my C9. Before I move onto that, going to try a few more variations. Right now I think the camera is the weakest link leading to a slight lag. Other options are capture cards which will only work with HDMI inputs and wont react to apps installed on the TV. Camera placement is also very important and it needs to be fixed, or you end up having to crop the pixels and make keystone adjustments everytime, so it may not be suitable for the living room.
  19. Testing reactive biased lighting (ambilight). Currently only setup for the left and the top edges. The LEDs are flickering as I'm currently powering them up directly from the Arduino. They should stop once I get a dedicated supply for them. Using a camera, need to tweak Gamma & FPS to get better responses. If I'm happy with this setup, will make one for my C9 as well.
  20. Looking like a clown and you are clown are quite different imo. Nowhere in my post did I call you a clown. This was in continuation to our discussion, where I pointed out you getting personal, resorting to name calling and trying to bait people. And you have just made my point for me by direct namecalling. Again, I've not reported you or anyone, I'm just calling you out on your hypocrisy with name calling and then playing the victim card. And I will do what I want to, thank you very much, be it selective reading/picking or my righteousness lectures
  21. I mean, yes. I don't fellate a conglomerate like the sheeple here. I will always invest my time and money in to whatever gives best value. At the moment, XBGPU in India, with the 499 price tag is better value than any of the PayStation tiers. I'm labelled a 'bot' because I call out Tweedle Dee and Teedle Dum's bs, especially their financial "analysis". I've called out $ony's scummy MTX, shady upgrade path and pisspoor subscription tiers while Tweedle Dee tried to argue that MSFS was not a game and Tweedle Dum thought you can't land your plane until you pay more money - I'm not even making this sh!t up... Another post where you are clearly crossing lines. Don't give retaliation or any other bs, this is your response to "you look like a clown" and you're clearly trying to bait and escalate this further. Tweedle Dum trying to compare the financial operations of a trillion dollar organization with a gurudwara langar with chanda was peak! It just shows how clueless they are, and what makes it audacious is that they don't put their money where their mouth is, just log in here and spew their nonsensical vicarious opinions. And to top it all off, the bitter irony is that most of our Scamgang will be upgrading to atleast the middle PS+ tier, while Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum keep twiddling their thumbs.
  22. So basically, what you're saying is its cool to be disrespectful as long no one speaks up? Anyway, I was just pointing out the irony and hypocrisy. Basically tum kare toh chamatkaar waala scene. Don't dish out if you can't take it as they say, simple. And unlike your passive aggressive bs, I come out and say it out loud, stop being such a Karen
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