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  1. Holy crap! Guilty gear x plus. That cover art looks so dope! I'm a huge fan of fighting games. Do share your fighting games collection on the other thread.
  2. The only thing that is growing is the time period b/w the last xbox FP and the next one.
  3. *If
  4. Lolwhat? Steam has regional pricing Plus You can literally play any game for free. Heck you can even play switch games even before release date on a pc.
  5. It's not official. It's a local printed mug.
  6. This abundance is not because of excessive production . This abundance is because of another phenomenon.
  7. You don't even need that for the indie games coming out in 2022. Even a steam deck running Gamepass would handle them at a stable 60fps.
  8. Your songs are as good as series Ls performance in 2022. So kindly spare us the cringe.
  9. Someone with a series L would obviously find 540p great.
  10. Yes. Hoping for a complete physical edition though.
  11. His right above you (rather , your post)
  12. I'm listening with a glint in my eyes...
  13. Looks like you are pretty interested in this title.
  14. https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2021/11/zelda-skyward-sword-on-switch-has-already-matched-its-lifetime-wii-sales
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