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  1. Sadly, no. But unofficially, yet. Ppgc did start a pre order few months back.
  2. Now im having doubts if both profiles belong to the same person. Ps- the game with a gay character that came out in 2020 is one of the greatest in the past decade for sure.
  3. Is there a thread which compiles all images of......erm..... fans?
  4. Argentina is hyped. Their defense has been poor since some World cups.
  5. Matchday Day 3 predictions 1) Argentina vs Saudi Arabia - 3-1 2) Denmark vs Tunisia - 2-1 3) Mexico vs Poland - 1-1 4) France vs Australia- 3-1
  6. Spinning a web of lies, just to prove a point. Half life alyx did win the VR game of the in 2020. You can't expect a vr game, that too a steam exclusive not compatible with a widely sold consumer grade vr headset like ps vr to win the GoTy. Also, like i said. Doom eternal was good. But better games released in 2020. It did get nominated in the best action games category. And has won awards from other media houses. Also, dafaq is the logic behind DE having a good soundtrack (that still plays in your head) so it should be tagged as a GoTy
  7. Standard 🤖 logic. Just because Spender forces Devs under him to be busy in shitty "passion projects" which win 0 awards (has been the case since a decade or so), the Video Game awards are meaning less.
  8. The game was so grounded breaking that they literally had to invent categories to award the game in.
  9. 1. Xbox got no games. 2. Atleast Namokar allows you to rent GoTYs like Gow:R. Gamepass allows you to rent meta 50 titles like CrossfireX, or straight up indies.
  10. When did the concept of renting become amusing to you? You have been renting meta 60 games since 2019.
  11. Looks like everybody here forgot about the release. Thankfully this guy didn't. True gamer
  12. Matchday day 2 predictions 1) England vs Iran- 1-1 2) Senegal vs Netherlands - 1-2 3) usa vs wales- 1-1
  13. How @Assassins Creed creed feels like after reaching level 9
  14. Elden Ring is a soulslike open world. GoW R is like a summer blockbuster. DE was good. but there were better games released in 2020. PS:- your meta 60 choices cannot be taken seriously though. Someone who thinks Halo Infinites SP as groundbreaking lacks taste.
  15. de is good, but its more of doom 2016 with verticality. Similar formula!! HL Alyx was a VR only game. ofcourse itll get lesser reviews/awards.
  16. they got their awards in their respective categories. Its extremely difficult for an FPS to win a Goty unless it is groudbreaking. Should be as grounbreaking like HL2, Bioshock etc. We dont get such shooters these days.
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