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  1. because its your fault. that you lock yourself into subscription services where content for old games makes more sense than developing new ones.
  2. They have held on to their controllers for a major part of 2022 (and 2023 so far) while watching YouTube videos
  3. The tournament started yesterday. India beat spain 2-0. Is it coming home this time?
  4. Anushka : Chokli :: Georgina : Penaldo
  5. Thats true xbox games arent for everyone. PS games are for everyone. the reason they sell in millions and win GOTYS regularly.
  6. yawn. All of us know what happened with death loop. all noise but no flash. PPL on ivg uninstalled after 30 minutes of trying it
  7. The game is not even 100% done and already features on Must play lists of bots! Screams of lack of choices prevalent in the green camp
  8. we need to bring back the scoreline prediction contest for the hockey world cup as well which starts from the 13th of jan
  9. I can bet, even 2023 will be as empty as 2022 for 🤖s Spender won't release a "billion dollar" game like starfield, till they hit a critical mass of gp subs. I think they'll start hyping the game up, (with a 2023 release to rake up more subs), eventually delaying it to 2024 or beyond.
  10. Aston villa to Dibu Martinez
  11. Smokes. The reason he joined Al Nassr
  12. THe vid is about 1998 WC finals
  13. Saudi Arabia is the only team that beat Argentina. Ronaldo joins Saudi Arabia. Therefore Ronaldo beat Argentina. Therefore Ronaldo won the World Cup.
  14. Morocco have qualified for the final stages of the FIFA World Cup on six occasions, 1970, 1986, 1994, 1998, 2018 and 2022. so whatever their strategy is, it is working.
  15. Actually those off season xss japanese sales number are bait stuff. not these videos.
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