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  1. People clearly need to experience fast travel of GoT DC to understand what ps5s SSD is all about and how load times is virtually non existent. I want to see a comparison with some xbox title that has fast travel.
  2. Dualsense directly impacts the gameplay of titles optimised for it. It increases the in game immersion. Thus it is everything but a gimmick. QS is a feature that A MAJORITY dont use. Evident from xboxs own poll. Hence it falls under the gimmick category.
  3. I didn't. Microsoft just did. Only 5% of respondents use the switching feature.
  4. Basically quick resume is another gimmick- a feature most don't even use.
  5. All optimised games ie ps5 versions / exclusives that make use of the SSD load almost instantaneously. The game gets programmed to fully make use of the SSD. However in series consoles, due to the cross gen gimmick, the SSD does not get utilized fully, hence load times.
  6. Pro at trolling themselves
  7. Yet only 5.3% of respondents switch to a second game..
  8. That's the only two ps5 exclusive games you have played till date...
  9. Non BC games that utilize the SSD fully literally don't have load times. Cant say that about series consoles though. Cross gen compatibility comes with its own issues.
  10. What's that? ๐Ÿ‘‡is this something exclusive to the series x?
  11. Yeah completely forgot about eastward and fist. Both are epic indies. But this looks like a proper AA release. The gameplay feels like those adventure games from the ps2 era, with the ps5 skin applied (for graphics).
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