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  1. Remember the place you got that Godzilla on the PS4 from? Same place.
  2. Lolwhat? Sony helped build ff7r. They didn't just buy it.
  3. Sony has built those franchises. No one is demanding halo (something that MS built). Cod is not xbox. It was always multiplat.
  4. It would take spender more than 1000 years to build something like the CoD franchise. It's about just buying stuff and then gatekeeping . They didn't build CoD. They just bought off the parent company.
  5. more like Iphone 13 remastered.
  6. The new spiderman game has been built from ground up by Sony for Sony consoles. CoD was always a multi platform title. Xbox has (had) nothing to do with it. I thought spender is against gatekeeping.
  7. which multi platform game has been made exclusive by sony? lol kuch bhi.
  8. atleast you are being consistent.
  9. Wonder what @Kumar123 has to say about this remake
  10. This has everything to do with PS v Xbox. First you had issues with the franchise having a lead character with a particular partner preference. Then you had issues with the pricing. After that you hoped that the game gets bombed And when the game got 9+ reviews from most outlets, you started questioning the point of the remake. You search far and wide to post something crap about this title each day. If you dont like it, stop talking about it. And if you have to talk crap on a daily basis, wait for the v/s thread to open. Every couple of hours you post some random crap from the internet, and a majority dont give a damn about it. Post those in the vs thread.
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