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  1. Finally was able to order a series x on amazon. Delivery on Monday
  2. Got the BX 55 inch. After instant discount, no cost EMI discount and exchanged a 32inch 13 year old LCD tv, Cancelled EMI with ICICI (zero charges) Landing price: 77,790.
  3. CX not available anywhere, they are giving me C1 48 For 1.01 and 10,500 cash-back (ICICI) so effectively 90,500 INR.
  4. Nice, Couple of guys told me they do have 2 units left and will share the pricing. If I get a deal between 80-85k I will pick it up or will pickup the C1 for 1L
  5. Location? Bangalore does not have CX 48 looks like, Tried Croma,Reliance and Girias
  6. C1 48 is available for 1.05 after cashback +3 year extended warranty, isn't it better to spend 10-12k more for this deal?
  7. Guys, Planning to make the jump for the 55' CX. What's the best price I can get if for? Any preferred place in Bangalore?
  8. Yeah this year and next year is going to be Mercedes and Racing point being a 2019 merc clone is not helping others, My only hope is redbull finding the mojo and give some fight to the mercs
  9. No one posted about the last race? Has everybody stopped watching because of the Merc dominance? Godamn even vettel got lapped
  10. hahhaa. Yeah even I binged watched the whole thing
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