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  1. How will they disallow it? Let Hamilton get into a spare car but not Max?
  2. Persisting with the game. Moments of 'legacy' Battlefield are there - just not as often as with earlier iterations. Not many bugs to speak of, but the missing scoreboard, ability to change squads, regular (non-portal) server browser is a sore spot. e.g. have a great game with a team, and then everyone gets dumped into matchmaking again.
  3. Most Battlefield maps are not suited for infantry-only. That said, one can call in vehicles in 2042, which is a welcome addition.
  4. I've spent a few hours in game, and still don't understand how this is a Battlefield game. Was it too hard to have a standard server browser with varying game modes + map rotations? Was it too much to ask to have a teams scoreboard? And why do we need AI bots and 128 player games? I've gone through the Battlefield 4 launch, persisted with it despite bugs. I ignored Hardline. But this is something else - they have changed the way matchmaking is approached. My money would be on them caving in and coming up with standard server browser someday. Those steam reviews are something, though. Damn!
  5. A Battlefield game is exactly that - a Battlefield game. The setting may change, the era being represented may change, but the overall mechanics and gameplay carried over. The launch version will have bugs, which will get ironed out (often introducing new bugs at a later time). There will be hackers from time to time. (Except Hardline, I have no words to describe that anomaly).
  6. Went 144-0 today in a tank. Shot down 5 (maybe 6) choppers.
  7. There's an option to disable crossplay.
  8. Pre-ordered, pre-downloaded the Beta. Now we wait.
  9. Finally managed to snag one. 970 -> 1070 -> 3070
  10. When you need, contact Sam. He is (very kindly) managing the game on my behalf for the library.
  11. @HundredProofSam Someone is looking to borrow the game.
  12. On a related note, am looking for LP records of Rockstar and Rang De Basanti. Anyone help a brother out, please?
  13. Wait, hasn't Returnal been out for some time - as have all those (except FC6). I figured donating an upcoming game would generate more interest in the library. Open to suggestions, will (pre-)order accordingly.
  14. I'm looking for suggestions on games more members are likely to want. Although with more popular games it sometimes is a catch 22 - as folks may already be planning to buy those games.
  15. Please suggest any upcoming game that would be a good addition. e.g. Guardians of the Galaxy, Far Cry 6 . Will donate. I'm guessing PS5 would be the more popular platform.
  16. Try this. Also, in general, do not use a very old PSU on newer components.
  17. Back on topic : Origin key for Battlefield V - please comment if you redeem.
  18. Battlefield 1 Key AX5D-5U7L-DTRD-BF9E-ZNPB Enjoy!
  19. Bingo, thanks! If I buy through Steam, it does show up on Origin (for in-game friends tracking, etc)?
  20. @Joe Cool What really is the difference in content between Standard and Gold edition - am trying to see if the "Year 1 pass" (presumably additional maps and other DLC) cheaper bought with this bundle - or as an add-on later. "We’ll be evolving our world and expanding on the fiction through Seasons, each one lasting for about three months. Every Season will come with a new free and paid-for Battle Pass, delivering new content to chase after. In our first year of live service, we will deliver four Seasons, with four Battle Passes, four new Specialists, along with more fresh content."
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