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  1. Issues with PS5 https://www.t3.com/us/amp/news/ps5-owners-your-next-gen-console-may-die-at-any-second I've personally seen a crash in UC4, and virtually every time I start it up, there's a blank screen and I have to restart it from the console power button. (Not sure if second issue is related to TV and HDMI somehow).
  2. You can choose which version to launch. Same issue happened with COD:CW
  3. No wifi 6 router here - it's plugged in. Not tried in vertical mode. Horizontal mode it wobbles depending on where exactly you place the stand.
  4. Impressions so far : + Dualsense controller is a revelation. Provides a really really immersive experience - hope more games (not just 1st party titles like Astro's playroom) make use of it. + Console is whisper quiet + Looks rather nice from a distance with the accent lighting between black and white areas. + Data transfer option for games is nice, although not a huge improvement in time vs downloading over a fast enough internet connection + Data transfer option for saves is great, avoid the hassle of uploading to PSN (I never had sync to PSN before - so maybe this is a redundant feature) - The stand in horizontal placement is a bad implementation. The clip-on has nothing to latch onto, doesn't really stay in place i.e. the PS5 slides off the stand if moved. Had the controller plugged in, and gently tugging the cable brought the console very close to a day 1 fall. - The blue light behind the touchpad gets annoying when gaming in the dark, a little better with brightness turned down but still rather visible. - Was not able to copy over all (or even half) of the games from PS4 due to the lack of storage space. This one is going to be a bummer unless they come up with an easier way to backup game data to HDD - although the NVMe expansion slot holds a lot of promise. Those of us with fast internet can live with it. Even for games with disc... Battlefield V (disc) taking up 108GB is one example. And there's no way load times, etc. will be remotely similar where data is being loaded from disc vs SSD. - Data transfer option didn't show up (as PS4 was not online when I setup PS5) - and the option for it is hidden inside sub-menus (had to google it). Minor annoyance, but still... Yet to play a AAA game that takes advantage of the PS5 - guess I'll start with GOW and see if performance mode lives upto its hype - am a sucker for higher framerates. Anything specific you all are curious about?
  5. Lifetime warranty as I recall. Unless they changed it.
  6. Outer (printed thin) cardboard easy to fold. Inner carton would be a bit tougher and would take up space. Serial sticker is on inner thick cardboard, fwiw .
  7. To be fair, not much to be jealous of with my situation. See, I still haven't plugged it in. And when I do, I'll likely only play (continue) UC4 and Astro's playroom. With things the way they are, I barely game on console anymore, averaging a few hours a month. When I began gaming, means were less but time was plenty. Now it's the other way around - I can afford to buy a console day 1 but not the time it deserves.
  8. Also, it's a pale (bluish) white color. And the PlayStation logo pattern is only on inside of the covers, so spray paint, stickers etc should hold well on the surface of the console. Controller feels good, even switched off. Playstation button is actual PS logo shape, feels like so much win Not a fan of the PlayStation overall aesthetics of the console, there'll be so much dust below it in horizontal orientation
  9. Dust magnet, prone to smudges. Disc location is fail, should've been on upper side. I read about it the other day, supposed to work the same way.
  10. Delivered!!! (Gotta put kid for a nap, finish work meetings, then get to it). Responsibilities, amirite. Any pertinent questions, folks?
  11. Today marks the launch of the PlayStation 5, shortly after the latest Xbox series. A big day for all gamers alike. Sooner or later, those of us seeking to buy one will get it. In an extraordinarily trying year, let's be thankful for every positive outcome. And remember, we are all gamers. Let our love of gaming unite us and keep this community strong. Peace.
  12. Yup. Only being sold online, so launch day delivery is dependent on shipping. There's a slim chance I'll have it by the weekend.
  13. My PS5 will likely be shipped out tomorrow, not sure if it'll be delivered by launch day though - ah, first world problems.
  14. Based on the BC discussions, it appears that for PS4 games, the PS5 is like a GPU upgrade. Us PC folks been on that train for years, welcome aboard
  15. The Ultimate PS5 FAQ https://www.google.com/amp/s/blog.playstation.com/2020/11/09/ps5-the-ultimate-faq/amp/
  16. Last word on relationship and gaming : when you enter a relationship, you simply exchange one controller for another. Many of us had Dualshock controller, but now spouse is our controller. edit : no double meaning here, folks.
  17. Take it easy with the language, please. When you feel the need to edit something you posted, you know you shouldn't have posted it in the first place.
  18. I wish they'd kept sides flat like PS4/slim/pro. Rest let's see when I get it, maybe it looks good in person.
  19. Pre ordered at Best Buy Canada Now awaiting more details on ps4 compatibility.
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