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  1. want to change to a new keyboard with about 4k budget, need soft touch for typing and gaming as well, kindly suggest. my 3 year old CM storm KB has started giving problems.
  2. the final empire is so intriguing, a crazy despot and those damn Steel inquisitors, the concept of Allomancy and Feruchemy was so refreshing to read from the regular magic in fantasy novels. the author does such a good job revealing poignant things as the story progresses that kept me turning the page, one night i stayed up to 3 AM reading . Love all the supporting characters along with Vin and Kel.
  3. i just finished the first book in the Mistborn Trilogy, it bloody amazing and so damn interesting, just loving this author's work.
  4. i was so disappointed Vermintide 2, waste of money
  5. This is best news today, hope it comes out and does a better job as i feel Metro Exodus had the elements for Stalker 2. i may be one of the few on this forum that has enjoyed all 3 games. all 3 have open world elements but the third has the biggest map and the most playable among the 3. those of you wanting to try see below 1: Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl - Insane Story, good fps, lots of stealth, spooky areas that can give heart attack, incredible atmosphere and lighting, quite challenging, text interface for NPC interaction can be a turnoff, old graphics but playable. bugs. lots of guns, headshot kills, good AI, fun watching grenades throw away enemies from the blast. played this atleast 4 times. has multiple endings. 2. Stalker Clear Sky - average story, good fps, faction system, incredible atmosphere and lighting, bugs, Gunplay improves over the first one and AI is much smarter. some bugs. less spooky and more shooting. played this twice. 3. Stalker Call of Pripyat - Good Story, improved graphics, awesome gun fights and gun play, headshot kills are damn satisfying improved UI, insane atmosphere, very few bugs, best graphics among the 3 games, my favorite, played it about 5 times, very enjoyable. spooky areas, need to be on your toes, very satisfying. i always walked around with Suppressed weapons. i loved to sneak upon enemies and shoot them in the head with my Suppressed UDP pistol. Inventory management, i always ended up having to many guns in my backpack. I would recommend the 3rd game because the first 2 may feel outdated for some of you. Hmm i think i know what i want to do this weekend
  6. Halo infinite looks and plays same.
  7. i just started playing the MCC Halo Reach on steam, not sure what the hype is all about. and this game looks average at best but the gunplay looks good.
  8. none of the stores have received 2020 models in 55 inch and above category. only 1 or 2 pieces of TCL have arrived online but they go out of stock.
  9. Thanks @PhantomShade i am looking at 65 inch 4k, yes i am comparing TCL, LG and Samsung. i am also seeing that only OLED Tvs are coming with 120 Hz refresh rates. buying a 4k tv in anticipation of the PS5. i also noticed that all models currently in 55 inch and 65 inch category is from 2019, not seeing any 2020 models
  10. i just finished this amazing shooter on pc, maybe even better than the previous Doom, such intense run and gun gameplay, loved it. story is actually decent. Rip and Tear FTW!! they should make a DLC where Doomguy lands in the sentinel homeworld for the first time and goes through the initiation rituals and gladiator matches. i tried multiplayer with a few matches and i am yet to get into it fully. found it uninspiring.
  11. The Midnight loving this retro vibe, this duo has some great songs, check them out. https://www.themidnightofficial.com/
  12. I have a 2016 1080p resolution LG HD TV with webos, sitting in my living room. it does not support many apps, currently has Netflix, Youtube and Amazon Prime. i cant game in the hall cause family watches satellite TV, therefore and i am planning to get a 65 inch display for gaming and movies for my room. i was thinking of picking up the latest TCL 65 inch 4k model 65P8 or similar. i am planning on connecting my pc for gaming as well as the PS4. i have a lapboard so i can play sitting a few feet away. activity - movies and gaming can some of you advice which brand and model i should go with. budget 60,000 INR.
  13. off late i have been playing games that did not having interesting stories and having to give up half way as the story was not engrossing (Nioh 1, Destiny 2 - good game play mechanics but yawn story), but that is not the case with Metro exodus!! m I just played the main campaign and finished it in 41 hours (my wife is annoyed that i can sit for such long periods in front of the PC ). This game is so god damn good!! Best in the Metro Series. i enjoyed every minute of it (except a few crashes, but that may be my aging pc). This is easily one of the most atmospheric games in recent times and the immersion level is speculator, that the camera never changes from first person even while using the backpack. 4A games did with Metro Exodus what GSC gameworld could not do with a Stalker sequel. I think for the near future this is the closest we will ever get to a "Stalker 2" with some of the open map levels like the Volga and Caspian. I enjoyed every bit of this game. too bad i had to wait nearly a year to play it. I highly recommend that all the members of IVG here play this title if they are yet to experience the Metro series. Great Campaign story, Great atmosphere and music, great gun play, if you have a decent GPU + CPU you can enjoy the visuals too. I had to turn down the settings as my CPU is aging and my GPU kept heating up and switching off when i set the game graphics at high. This is a game you must not miss.
  14. pbpoovannagamer

    Destiny 2

    just started this game..no idea what to do, should i go talk to Amanda Holliday start the campaign?
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