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  1. ok iv gotta order my new pc sometime this week .... latest friday-saturday.... and this is the config i think im gonna go for .... need suggestions on whether there is anything better i can add to it .... intel quad core processor ,intel mobo 4gb ddr2 ram 1tb hdd (500x2) 19" lcd display sata dvd writer nvidia gfx card (need suggestions) blueray player/hd-dvd player (if its cost effective) will use my old mx518 mouse , razer mousepad , and the usual logitech wireless keyboard.... also i need to know .... is there anything extra i need to buy if i wanna conenct my onkyo hts to the pc ?? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- any suggestions welcome .... -Cheers!
  2. im sure im not the only foodie out here.... so all foodies post here as and when u have a good meal.... to start off .... just grabbed a bite at indigo deli.... ate - filet mignon (insane) chirozzi pizza and had a beer.... rating - 8/10
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